6 Tips for Matching Your Bracelet with Any Outfit

When it comes to style, you’re free to explore anything you like. However, it’s nice to have guidelines that can help you come up with looks much faster, don’t you think? We prepared guidelines that can help you mix and match the right jewellery for you and boost your style.

As we all know, jewellery plays a crucial part in elevating our style and statement. That’s why it’s important to choose it well to avoid wearing too much or being underdressed. Let’s take a look at some tips on how you can match your bracelet with any outfit.

Here are 6 tips to consider when choosing your bracelet to match with your outfit. Elevate your style by choosing the right jewellery to wear – 6 Tips for Matching Your Bracelet with Any Outfit – World Tech Power

1.Know the Occasion

When it comes to choosing the right bracelet, you need to ensure you choose the right item for the occasion. Make sure to know what event you’ll be dressing up for so you can consider the theme when styling yourself. You wouldn’t want to show up in an awarding ceremony with a very casual look (unless that’s the theme), would you?

Usually, for a formal look, we think it’s best to stick with simple gold or silver with one main design only unless you want to experiment with a bold look.

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If you don’t have something like that in your closet, consider buying it. You can choose to buy the jewellery online or from a physical store, but make sure you don’t pick something too gaudy.

Classic designs are best for formal occasions. Since we usually wear gowns, dresses, and formal corporate outfits or pants for themes like this, bracelets with diamonds or gemstones are often a good match.

What about a casual look? Well, you can choose to stick to your classic designs, but since this is more laid back, you can experiment with bold designs like bracelets with attached icons. You can also explore expressive gold bangles and cuffs as long as they match your outfit.

2.Know the Type of Clothing

You must ensure that the clothing you are wearing matches your bracelet, as this allows you to balance your overall style. For patterned clothes, it’s best to match them with a slim gold chain to balance out the loud style of the clothes.

For solid-colored clothes? It’s best to pair them with a loud accessory. This becomes the boldest feature in your overall look. For this, it’s best to choose bracelets with louder accents or bracelets with emphasized gemstones.

3.Match the Color of Your Bracelet and Clothes

Now that we’re done assessing the type of clothing in matching your bracelet, let’s now align your bracelet of choice with the color you’re wearing. As we go along, we’ll be referring to the color wheel, so it’s best to familiarize yourself with it.

Did you know there are two techniques you can apply to mix and match your clothes and bracelet using the color wheel??

First is by using the analogous scheme wherein you choose the dominant color of the gem in your bracelet with the two color schemes that are beside your clothes’ color. For example, if you’re wearing blue, you can match it with an emerald-green bracelet.

The second way is using complementary colors or colors that are across each other on the color wheel. The contrast can completely upgrade your overall look. For example, if you’re wearing light green, you can pair it with a pink gemstone.

If you’re wearing white or black, you can basically wear any single-colored bracelet, as your clothes will act as a canvas for your style.

4.Know the Color of Your Metal

In matching your bracelet with your clothes, it’s not only the gemstone of your bracelet that needs attention; you should also manage the metals of your bracelet to perfectly match them with your outfit.

Classic silver metals match with dark and imperial colors, like burgundy. If you’re wearing plain royal colors, such as purple, you can try matching them with silver metal gemstones. Classic silver is also good for light blues, as they emulate calmness, similar to a still body of water.

Gold metals are also classic favorites, and they go well with black and very dark red and blue hues. They can also look good on white. If you’re wearing a black or white dress, you can amp up your style by pairing it with a patterned gold bracelet.

Another metal to consider is the rising favorite, the rose-gold metal, which is perfect for warm colors. If you wear yellow clothes, a rose-gold diamond bracelet will look great.

5.Match Your Overall Jewellery’s Metal

Your overall style also depends on the jewellery you’re wearing along with your bracelet. You should be able to match the metal of your bracelet to that of your other jewellery.

You might be able to match your outfit and your bracelet well, but if it doesn’t coordinate with the other jewellery you’re wearing (let’s say you’re wearing a gold earring, yet you chose a silver bracelet), it can look tacky.

If you’re wearing a gold bracelet, it’s best to pair it with gold earrings and a necklace as well.

6.Slay in Your Personal Style

While the guidelines mentioned a while ago can be helpful, it’s best to know that only you can pull off the style you’re wearing. While we’re at it, make a conscious effort to like what you wear. It doesn’t make sense if you’re not feeling what you’re wearing.

You can start by slowly discovering the style that gives you confidence, the style you really like. With this, you can work around the tips we gave to further improve your preference.

To make it more interesting and liberating, you can set a motif you want to wear to work around your creativity. For instance, if you prefer a femme fatale style, one idea is you can work your style around to evoke a ferocious snake; you can choose your clothes and pieces around that theme.

Fashion is a mix of style and personality, so it’s best if you can really bring yourself to like what you see in front of the mirror. By doing that, you can have the best version of your look.


At the end of the day, it’s only you who can create your own style and statement. Our guide only serves to help you while you’re still finding your fashion statement. It’s always best to find your own style.

A good styling will never beat the power of someone who feels like he or she is wearing the best outfit and pieces.

While we have our own recommendations, feel free to study options of jewellery online so you can curate your own list according to your liking.

Once you get to embody this guide, you can freely mix and match anything complementary to what you’re wearing. It’s way beyond just matching your bracelet; it’s about creating your own branding with what you wear.

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