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Dual Diagnosis treatment is an extremely important form of treatment for many patients with addiction. This sort of program is only relevant for those with co-occurring disorders, which is not a small population whatsoever. As a matter of fact, millions suffer from co-occurring disorders annually.

Co-occurring disorders, otherwise known as dual diagnoses, represent those cases where patients suffer from a substance abuse disorder as well as a mental health disorder such as depression, anxiety, or personality disorders.

For those individuals that simultaneously suffer from addiction and mental health disorders, dual diagnosis treatment gives them the best chance of succeeding in a rehab program as well as maintaining sobriety long after a treatment program is complete. This is due to the fact that these co-occurring disorders typically ignite each other. Therefore, treating a substance abuse disorder alone leaves the door open for the mental health disorder to spur substance abuse.

Attending a dual diagnosis treatment center in sunny Florida, especially when surrounded by an incredibly professional and supportive staff, makes dual diagnosis treatment far more tolerable and successful.

Signs That Someone May Need Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Co-occurring disorders are not typically easy to detect. In fact, they are very hard to diagnose, and this is due to the very real potential for overlapping symptoms between disorders. Luckily, dual diagnosis treatment centers have the staff equipped with the necessary skills and experience to detect and diagnose co-occurring disorders. These are the same psychiatrists and mental health professionals that will end up sculpting personalized treatment plans for all their patients.

However, even before getting to that point, there are several signs that may indicate that someone is suffering from co-occurring disorders. Essentially, these signs are a combination of substance abuse disorder symptoms and mental health disorder symptoms occurring simultaneously in the same person. Some of these signs include:

  • The person neglects their own health, hygiene and even their appearance
  • The person avoids their friends and family; withdraws from relationships and social interactions in general
  • The person develops a sudden or unexpected disinterest in activities that typically brought them joy (such as interests and hobbies)
  • The person thinks of self-harm and suicide or acts on those thoughts
  • The person faces difficulties managing their responsibilities (such as career, child care, etc.)
  • The person builds up a severely high tolerance to a certain substance or several

What Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Florida Can Do for Patients

When attending a dual diagnosis treatment center, guests can expect to be in the care of a highly-experienced team of professionals from various disciplines, all of whom well-trained and dedicated to treating co-occurring disorders. Among others, patients will meet with clinicians, nurses and psychiatrists.

Furthermore, completing this treatment in Florida gives patients a leg-up on the process. Attending a treatment center in Florida affords guests much-needed distractions from their addiction and mental health disorders, thereby allowing them to dedicate more energy and effort to their treatment.

Treatment centers in Florida take advantage of the weather by providing pools, spa, outdoor seating, patios, and a variety of activities that patients can relax and improve themselves with.

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