A Transformation

Once in a while, during a moment of apparent moment of personal insight and enlightenment, I am compelled to write a poem. These poems seem to have a life of their own; they almost write themselves. Until the poem is finished, the emotion I am feeling or the insight I have reached, won’t subside. And when the poem is is completed, I then reach deep feelings of satisfaction–a moment of catharsis.

Five years ago, during a life changing Victories of the Heart retreat, I had one of those peak moment, which compelled me to write the following poem. It speaks to the part in me who decided to start a journey of healing and growth. Even though personal transformation take their toll on us, we know in our hearts and our minds that we really have no choice. Here is my “jewel” of a poem:


I am a coarse stone. Yearning to be touched Dreaming of being smooth rounded and glassy.

I am a colorless piece of rubble. Wanting to be held and caressed. Desiring to become a cherished part of a beloved rock collection.

I am a sharp edged rock. Isolated and alone. Needing to no longer be a tool Used to cut and divide a person from his own heart.

Today is the day I allow myself to toss, turn and tumble. To be kicked around. Stomped into the earth. And dug up again.

The endless cycle of seasons take its toll Autumn’s blustery winds Winter’s freezing blizzards Spring’s drenching rains And Summer’s blanching sun transform my surface Forever alter what I look like.

After what seems like a lifetime I find myself resting in a dry river bed. To eventually be carefully chosen by a boastful youth, Who sublimely skips me across the river’s tranquil but rippled surface.

Because of honest youthful enthusiasm I am reconnected to my destiny. Plunging back back down into the river’s cold and dark waters, I am carried further down-river. Carried quickly with a sense of urgency Toward a tumultuous raging white water river.

Violently crashing grinding into unforgiving boulders. I begin to lose necessary parts of myself.

Pushed lower and lower Submerged deep at the bottom of the river, I remain dormant for years that stretch toward no apparent endpoint.

With a torrential downpour And hurricane-like winds, I am moved from my murky muddy and silted home, to be wildly churned in stormy waters

With a tremendous gust of wind and a resulting wave, I am cast shoreward To be perfectly placed on a path where a wandering dreamy child is exploring the river bank seeking his perfect jewel of a stone.

And during this magnificent bright summer day, the shining rays of the afternoon sun strike me so perfectly that my surface explodes with eye-catching glimmering sparkles.

Capturing the attention Of this adventurous and seeking child. Who stops, notices, stares, and picks me up.

With the excitement of a discovery, The boy carefully examines my glassy translucent surface, Marvels at my rainbow colors, Caresses my smooth contours. And with a burst of pride places me in his shirt pocket to be forever close to his heart.

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