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Human resource departments around the world face the challenging task of accurately and efficiently managing employee compensation. For companies using UKG, the task can become even more complex due to the various wage progression policies that need to be tracked. With the increasing need for HR departments to become more efficient, automation has become a solution for managing employee compensation. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of automating wage progression for UKG and how it can simplify the HR process.


One of the main benefits of automating wage progression calculations for UKG is the increased accuracy it brings to the process. With an automated system, the risk of human error is significantly reduced. Manual calculations are prone to errors due to factors such as fatigue, distraction, or simply making mistakes. These errors can result in inaccuracies in employee pay, leading to disputes and loss of trust between employees and their employers. By automating the process, HR departments can ensure that employee compensation is accurately calculated, avoiding costly mistakes and disputes.


Manual calculations of wage progression can be extremely time-consuming, especially for companies with a large workforce. Automating the process can increase the efficiency of HR departments, freeing up time and resources to focus on other HR responsibilities. An automated system can perform calculations in a matter of seconds, freeing up HR personnel to perform other important tasks such as recruitment, employee training, and performance reviews.


Another benefit of automating wage progression calculations for UKG is the increased consistency it brings to the process. Inconsistencies in employee pay can be problematic and can cause friction in the workplace. Automating the process ensures that calculations are performed in the same manner every time, resulting in a consistent and fair approach to employee compensation. This helps build trust among employees and strengthens the employer-employee relationship.

Data Management

Another benefit of automating wage progression calculations for UKG is the improved data management it provides. With an automated system, all employee data is stored in a central location, making it easy to access and manage. This centralized data also ensures that employee compensation data is accurate and up-to-date, allowing for quick and efficient reporting. Furthermore, an automated system can provide valuable insights into employee pay, allowing HR departments to identify trends and areas for improvement.

Employee Satisfaction

Finally, automating wage progression calculations can lead to increased employee satisfaction. Employees want to know that they are being compensated fairly and that their hard work is recognized. By automating the process, HR departments can ensure that employee compensation is accurate, fair, and consistent. This can improve employee morale and increase job satisfaction, leading to improved productivity and reduced employee turnover.

Cloudapper Step Progression For Automation

If you’re an HR professional looking to automate the process of calculating and communicating step pay increases based on hours worked, CloudApper Step Progression Solution can help. The first step is to integrate employee data from the UKG solution with the CloudApper solution via a REST API. Next, you can create custom pay tiers to determine when an employee’s pay should increase based on their hours worked. The solution uses a custom workflow to automatically adjust hourly wages based on the set threshold, ensuring precise and efficient computation of step pay increases without human intervention. Once the adjustments have been computed, the system immediately updates hourly wages in UKG or any other payroll system, ensuring error-free, speedy payroll processing. Finally, the system notifies the manager if an employee is promoted to the next pay grade, keeping them informed of any changes to their payroll.

Automating wage progression calculations for UKG provides numerous benefits to HR departments. Thanks to the customization of UKG solutions It increases accuracy, efficiency, and consistency, while also providing customization options and improved data management. Additionally, it can lead to increased employee satisfaction and improved employer-employee relationships. Automation is becoming an increasingly popular solution for HR departments, and for good reason. By automating wage progression calculations, HR departments can streamline the compensation process and focus on other important HR responsibilities

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