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How To Choose the Best Brow Powder? – Eyebrows are a very essential part of our facial aesthetics and add more beauty to our face. Eyebrows provide more structure to the face. A voluminous eyebrow is best and safe for any type and shape of the face. To make eyebrows look fuller and thicker you would need the best brow powder. However, let us not forget the eyebrow nourishing oil which is equally important for thick eyebrows. Eyebrow gel and brow powder are quick and instant fixes for beautiful brows. Curly long eyelashes and thick fuller eyebrows with deep-set eyes are a dream to watch.

There are innumerable makeup brands that help you achieve fuller and thicker brows. There are few brands that provide exclusive brow powder collections. One such best brow powder brand is Savarnas Mantra. They provide an extensive collection of essential brow tools from eyebrow brushes to eyebrow powders and gels which help you get that perfect brow with arch and end tail.

How To Choose the Best Brow Powder?

There are parameters that will help you choose the best brow powder. These are as follows-

  1. Choose the perfect match for your brows
  2. Look out for well-pigmented eyebrow powder
  3. Choose the perfect brow brush for application
  4. Make sure that the eyebrows don’t feel stiff
  5. Ensure that eyebrows look fluffy
  6. Make sure to choose a brow powder with a natural finish
  7. Choose an eyebrow gel before applying brow powder
  8. Check for long-lasting brow powder
  9. Choose eyebrow powder enriched with kaolin clay
  10. Look out for iron oxide mineral in form of mineral hematite α-Fe2O3 which provides good pigmentation without staining

Now you can make your pick for a perfect choice of the best eyebrow powder

Savarnas Mantra has eyebrow products for every type of skin tone for perfect applications. Savarnas Mantra Eyebrow Powder has different tones of eyebrow palette with different shades which can be perfectly chosen best for your skin tone.

What are the different types of Best Eyebrow Powder Shades?

The Savarnas Mantra brow powder is available in different shades-

  • Eyebrow Powder Blonde
  • Eyebrow Powder Dark Blonde
  • Eyebrow Powder Dark Brown
  • Eyebrow Powder Light Brown
  • Eyebrow Powder Medium Brown
  • Eyebrow Powder Soft Black
  • Eyebrow Powder Soft Jet Black
  • Eyebrow Powder Soft Charcoal
  • Eyebrow Powder Moonstone
  • Eyebrow Powder Auburn
  • Eyebrow Powder Putty

Eyebrow Pencil V/s Eyebrow Powder

Which one should I choose to fill my brows?

Many of us get confused about which product should we choose for filling our eyebrows. Well, both eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder are equally important to fill eyebrows.

Eyebrow products

Eyebrow Pencil v/s Eyebrow Powder

Use of Eyebrow Products
Eyebrow Pencil Use to give precision to eyebrows

Use to outline eyebrows

Use to provide a perfect base for eyebrows


Eyebrow Powder Use to fill the gap between brows

Use to give volume to eyebrows

Can be used for precision strokes for natural finish


Now, you can make the right choice of choosing the best brow powder. We highly recommend Savarnas Mantra Brow Powder Collection for beautiful eyebrows.

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