Betway Betting Sites Exited Indian Market Due to the 28% GST Tax

Online betting is a popular and lucrative activity in India, where millions of people play games of skill and chance on various platforms. However, the taxation of online betting in India is not clear-cut, as different states have different laws and rates for it. Recently, the GST Council decided to impose a uniform 28% tax on online gaming, casinos, and horse racing, which has raised several questions and concerns among the stakeholders of this industry. One of the major consequences of this decision is the exit of Betway, one of the biggest and most reputable online betting sites, from the Indian market.

Betway Has Left India: What Does This Mean?

Betway app is a renowned international betting brand that has been operating in India for many years. It offers a wide range of sports betting options and casino games to Indian bettors, along with attractive bonuses and promotions. Betway is also known for its dedication to responsible gambling practices and customer service.

However, Betway has announced that it has ceased its operations in India as of October 1, 2023. This decision comes in response to the recent implementation of a 28% GST on offshore gambling companies by the Indian government, which is set to take effect from October 1st. Betway has informed its existing customers to withdraw their funds as soon as possible. It has also stopped accepting new registrations or deposits from Indian users.

The exit of Betway from India means that Indian bettors will lose one of their favorite and most trusted online betting platforms. They will also miss out on the benefits and features that Betway offers, such as live streaming, cash-out, in-play betting, and more. Moreover, they will have to look for alternative platforms that are still operating in India and meet their expectations and preferences.

More Platforms Leaving Soon?

Betway is not the only online betting site that has left India due to the 28% GST. Another prominent brand, Bet365, has also decided to stop operating in India for the same reason. These two exits have created a huge gap in the online betting market in India, leaving only a few platforms that are still available to Indian bettors.

However, these remaining platforms may also face difficulties in continuing their operations in India due to the high tax rate and regulatory uncertainty. The 28% GST will increase their operational costs and reduce their margins. They will also have to comply with various legal and technical requirements to operate in India, such as registering in India, obtaining licenses from different states, paying taxes to multiple authorities, etc.

Therefore, more online betting sites may follow Betway and Bet365 and exit the Indian market soon. Alternatively, they may decide to stay in India but pass on the tax burden to their customers by increasing their fees or reducing their payouts. Either way, this will hurt the online betting industry and its stakeholders in India.

The Downside of Having Less Betting Options

The exit of Betway and other online betting sites from India will have several disadvantages for Indian bettors and the online betting industry as a whole. With fewer online betting options available in India, Indian bettors will have less choice and variety when it comes to selecting their preferred platform. They will also face reduced competition among the platforms, which may lead to lower quality of service, fewer features and benefits, higher fees or charges, etc.

More than that, Indian bettors may be exposed to more risk and fraud when they choose an alternative platform. They may encounter platforms that are unlicensed, unregulated, or illegal, which may compromise their safety and security. They may also fall prey to scams or phishing attempts that may steal their personal or financial information.

The exit of Betway and other online betting sites from India will also result in a loss of revenue and employment for the Indian economy. According to some estimates, the online gaming industry earns around $1 billion annually and has the potential to create nearly 50,000 jobs by 2025. However, with fewer platforms operating in India, this potential may not be realized.


The 28% GST on online gambling was a contentious decision that had a considerable impact on the Indian online betting business. One of the most significant consequences of this decision is the withdrawal of Betway, one of the largest and most popular online betting platforms, from the Indian market. This withdrawal has created a significant hole in the Indian online betting market, which may be filled by other platforms that are currently active in the country or by new entrants that may arise in the future.

However, due to the high tax rate and regulatory uncertainties, these platforms may encounter difficulties in continuing to operate in India. The withdrawal of Betway and other online betting companies from India would have several negative consequences for Indian bettors and the online betting industry as a whole, including less competition and choice, greater risk and fraud, and income and job losses. The Indian online betting market requires a clear and consistent regulatory framework that can balance the interests of the government, operators, and customers.


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