Dazzling The Red Carpet: Celebrity Jewelry Trends

As far as fashion is concerned, celebrities are and always have been a source of inspiration. Although when we think of fashion, our mind initially goes to clothing, designer jewelry is actually a significant part of it. In fact, the red carpet is the perfect place for celebs to showcase their exquisite pieces due to the glitz and glamor of the scene. With pieces ranging all the way from subtle elegance to statement pieces, fashion enthusiasts everywhere become fascinated by celeb jewelry. To that end, detailed below are some of the hottest celeb jewelry trends that have gained attention over the last few years.

Personalized Jewelry

One of the growing jewelry trends among celebrities is personalized jewelry. They often opt for initial pendants that bear the names of their loved ones, which reflect their home life and personality. This way, celebs are able to keep their nearest and dearest to their hearts while they walk the red carpet. As a result, it’s safe to say that this is one of the most wholesome jewelry trends adopted by celebs on the red carpet.

Minimalistic Chic

Although the word celebrity tends to be synonymous with extravagant, this isn’t the route that’s taken by all celebs on the red carpet. Instead, some celebs go for a minimalistic chic look that boasts understated elegance. Some of the most sleek and simple pieces include dainty chain bracelets, minimalist stud earrings, and thin gold bangles. These are some of the most popular pieces to be found on the celebs that prefer the minimalistic approach. In fact, the stunning appearance of such proves that less can often be more in terms of jewelry.

Colored Gemstones

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend; however, colored gemstones are skyrocketing in popularity on the red carpet. More and more celebrities are opting for the most vibrant of gems, including rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. This is because they have the capacity to incorporate a touch of individuality and playfulness into the overall ensemble. Although this playfulness can be key to a number of different looks, multicolored gemstones allow for the achievement of this while still maintaining class and elegance.

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Layered Necklaces

One of the most popular trends among celebs on the red carpet is the layering of necklaces. This typically involves wearing multiple necklaces of varying lengths and styles to craft a simultaneously eye-catching and harmonious look. Chunky chokers, personalized pendants, and delicate chains are just some of the most popular necklace types that are adopted by celebs on the red carpet. This layering creates endless possibilities for celebs to express their style and wow the red carpet.

Oversized Earrings

If there’s one staple of the red carpet, it’s statement earrings. This is because oversized earrings draw attention to the hairstyles and faces of celebs. From dramatic hoops to chandelier earrings that are adorned with gemstones, bold ear adornments are a surefire way to make a fashion statement.

Vintage Revival

Last but not least, the classics are the classics for a reason, which is why so many celebs opt for vintage revivals. The resurgence of vintage pieces is adopted by celebs on the red carpet, in which they wear timeless classics, including heirloom brooches, art deco-inspired earrings, and diamond necklaces. Not only do these pieces allow celebs to incorporate a touch of nostalgia into their red carpet looks, but it also means that sheer sophistication is exuded, which only reflects the glamorous nature of the red carpet.

Jewelry has the ability to either make or break a red carpet look, and those listed above are just some of the many popular trends.

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