Denim Is Back and Here’s How To Add It To Your Wardrobe

5 ways to add denim to your ward – Denim Is Back and Here’s How To Add It To Your Wardrobe – World Tech Power

No matter what excentric trends hit the fashion scene, denim seems to be that ex that just keeps on coming back. For good reason too! Denim is a hallmark of any fashionista’s wardrobe. From the classic denim jean, to now hats, accessories and even wedding guest dresses, denim is inescapable and is back with a vengeance.

We love the different ways to add denim to the wardrobe. For many, their imagination doesn’t always stretch further than simple, high-waisted skinny jeans. The truth is that denim stretches much further than simple skinny jeans, and there are so many ways to get creative with your choices of denim. In this blog post, we will share some of the most on-trend ways to style denim and make it even more valuable to your wardrobe collection. Take a look at the following suggestions:

Straight leg denim

Goodbye slim-fit jeans, hello straight-leg jeans. Gone are the days of jeans that look somewhat second-skinned. Relaxed fit, straight-leg jeans are the wardrobe essentials as of the last 12 months, and everything is styling them beautifully. Offering a flattering illusion for your shape, whilst maintaining a comfy fit for day-to-day wear, straight-leg jeans are a denim must-have. Opt for a straight-leg jean with side splits at the bottom so you can pair your favourite wide-legged boots with them.

Washed-out denim jeans

Today denim comes in so many different colours and washes, but washed-out jeans are ‘IN” right now for the denim world. The washed-out design falls under the distressed trends that have been circulating the fashion scene over the last 2 years. With the right wash-out design, you can perfect the grunge, weathered trend that only a small population of people are perfecting. Consider wearing washed-out denim jeans with a cute white tank top and baseball cap for a street-style slay.

Denim kitten heels

You heard that right, denim is so in right now that we are finding it designed onto every accessory imaginable. Kitten heels are a non-negotiable fashion trend as of recently, and mixed with denim they are an unstoppable fashion force to be reckoned with. Top designs such as Louis Vuitton have styled denim onto their heels and the masses are going crazy for them. Whilst they are not a practical option for day-to-day, they are the perfect finishing touch to pair with a going-out dress if you want to make a statement.

Contrast denim

Contrasting denim has also been made a thing recently. To some, this might be their worst nightmare wearing two different types of denim, but to the creatives and rule breakers of the fashion world, contrasting denim is a staple look. Pairing a light denim corset top, with a contrast dark blue denim skirt will certainly turn heads. Denim on denim might be a style crime to some, however we think it is an unforgettable look that people can appreciate!

Jean trench coats

Another way in which denim has boosted its desirability is by combining its popularity with trench coats. Trenches are an autumn, winter and spring essential. Although a denim trench is not practical for the soggier weather conditions, it does create an iconic look. If you are looking to be the type of girl who appears on the outfit inspiration Instagram pages, a denim trench is a great right of passage.

Denim mom shorts

Following on from the relaxed fit trend, denim mom shorts are denim non-negotiable for the hotter seasons. While short shorts certainly had their moment, mom shorts are now on trend and we are here for it. Denim mom shorts come in all different colourways, so whether black denim is your thing, or classic blue denim, have a pair of these shorts ready for the laid-back days of summer.

Bottom line

Overall, denim is a trend that will never go out of style. While it sometimes drops off with a low profile, we always see new denim trends energy more iconic and creative than ever. Start with the basic straight-leg jeans for day-to-day, and then kick things up a notch with denim kitten heels or perhaps a denim trench. We have enjoyed this denim style guide to revitalise the way you wear denim!

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