The Lowdown On Alexandr Korol’s Biography And Secrets

Born in 1990 in St. Petersburg, Alexandr Korol emerged as a unique philosopher and author, quickly establishing a name for himself in the world of literature. With over twenty diverse works, those who read Alexandr Korol’s books find themselves immersed in scholarly musings, akin to intimate dialogues with readers. His works echo the tones of acclaimed authors like Exupéry and Lewis Carroll.

Many readers and critics, when penning Alexandr Korol reviews, note parallels with musical giants like Radiohead and Massive Attack in his narratives. Likewise, undertones of indie films, especially those by Michel Gondry, are apparent in his tales. As a luminary in the literary underground, his dedication to independent thought stands out. For those eager to explore further, a glance at Alexandr Korol’s author biography reveals his unwavering dedication to the craft. By 32, he had penned more than 20 books, but only a pair have made their way into English.

Biography and Alexandr Korol Book Reviews: An Insight into the Author’s Journey

The intricate details of Alexandr Korol’s childhood and youth remain elusive to the general public. However, whispers among those who have delved into Alexandr Korol’s books suggest he had a profound interest in history, architecture, and collecting relics of the past — a passion he still holds dear to this day.

At 16, Korol began penning his personal diary. Within its pages, a young Alexandr contemplated profound ideas about human nature, the disparities in destinies, and how individuals perceive each other. He keenly observed the injustices and deceits that were present in his life and in the lives of those around him. Later, drawing from these insights, Alexandr released them as an e-book titled “Answer.” This piece resonated with readers who were on a quest for answers to life’s complex questions, garnering numerous book reviews. Choosing to publish under the pseudonym Alexandr Korol in tribute to his mother, he embarked on his literary journey.

Despite his youth and relative inexperience, it wasn’t a hindrance to his burgeoning writing career. By the age of 18, anyone keen to read Alexandr Korol would discover that he’d already established himself as a noteworthy author, and the growing number of Alexandr Korol book reviews further attested to his talent.

By 2018, Alexandr Korol, the author, had already crafted approximately ten e-books. His first print edition, “Corridor,” quickly climbed the charts, becoming a bestseller. In this pivotal work, Alexandr introduced his theory on social structures, proposing the innovative concept of “frequencies” that determine one’s place in society. These “frequencies” are influenced by myriad factors: environment, cultural interests, family, and more. Korol posits that transitioning between these “frequencies” can be arduous but is essential for transformative life change.

The book launch was a significant success, marking the only public appearance by Alexandr Korol. Subsequently, he engaged with fans online and organized select gatherings to share his recent thoughts and ideas.

In 2018, “Paradox” showcased a collection of Alexandr’s profound life experiences and quickly rose to prominence on the bestseller lists. The follow-up, “Paradox 2.0,” released in 2021, provided readers with a new insight into daily life challenges. Korol states that this book was driven by emotion rather than intellect.

“Have Not Charity” was a significant milestone: the first print edition was fully reserved even before the official release. This deep dive into human passions and flaws didn’t just wow readers – critics were all over it too. Many dubbed it “an anatomical study of the soul”.

In 2023, Austin Macauley Publishers released the English version of “Have Not Charity”. Word from Korol himself is that an English audiobook version is in the works, featuring a prominent British musician – but the name remains undisclosed.

Personal Life and Fun Facts

Alexandr Korol keeps many details of his personal life under wraps, asserting that his writings reveal all one truly needs to know about him. In casual conversations with journalists, he portrays himself as a reserved individual who avoids bustling venues and crowds. Yet, he relishes personal connections and actively aids others. Many recognize him as a benefactor dedicated to nurturing emerging talents and their artistic aspirations.

While specifics about his family and inner circle remain confidential, Alexandr openly shares details about his varied interests.

Key Interests and Passions:

  • Photography: A lens through which he captures fleeting moments.
  • Fashion Design: Crafting unique styles that reflect his personal aesthetic.
  • Jewelry Making: Melding metals and gems into wearable art.
  • Collecting: From antiques and minerals to exotic plants, he appreciates items with history and intrinsic beauty.
  • Animal Care: From his household pets like cats and dogs to the myriad of animals on his recently acquired farm, which includes goats, cows, and peacocks.

In pursuit of balance and physical well-being, Alexandr practices the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi.

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