Disk Defragmentation – Make Computers Run Faster Soon

It is a desired hope for everyone to get a faster computer in order to happily enjoy everyday with computers. When realizing the computer is running slower, the reasons they always think of may be something like lower configuration, too many programs or hijacks of the antivirus. They rarely realize that there is another factor that will greatly affect the entire PC performance. That is disk fragmentation, which plays an important role in speeding up the computer if defragmented.

We all know that disk fragments are the same as file fragments, which are always caused during the process of creating/ deleting / updating files and folders, installing new software or downloading files on the computer. When there is not enough free available space for the same file, the file will be scattered into different pieces and then stored in different places of the hard disk. Here come the disk (file) fragments. Days by, as you delete or remove files/folders from the computer, there will be some empty gaps left behind, making the next storage action cannot locate in a single directory together. As the computer become more and more fragmented, it will take more time for the hard disk head to move too much to reach or reassemble the file/folder that we want to read/write, resulting in a slower a computer. Moreover, it will sometimes cause the freeze-ups and crashes of the computer, which will seriously impact our working efficiency and reduce the lifespan of the disk.

So what can we do to avoid this inevitable problem? The recommended solution is to run a disk defragmentation regularly. Defragmentation is a process that will rearrange the location of the files/folders on the computer so as to make the same files/folders only locate in a specific place of the computer so as to reduce the fragments on the computer. Also, it will create more available free space for the next storage action. Hence, the files/folders will be located at the same place together and contiguously, which will make the computer run faster.

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