Effortlessly Cool: 6 Men’s Date Night Outfits

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Wearing an outfit that’s both stylish and comfortable can boost your confidence when you’re out on a date. So, how do you create one that makes you look and feel your best? Discover a few tips to keep in mind when choosing an ensemble. Plus, check out six examples of outfits suitable for date night.

Tips on How To Dress To Impress

Dressing to impress your date doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear designer labels from head to toe. Whether you’re going to a play or hanging out at a baseball game, dressing to impress means making a special effort to look neat and stylish.

Is It a Good Fit?

Wearing items that suit your body type helps to enhance your appearance. As an example, if you’re wearing a suit coat on your date, be sure to have it tailored so that it looks like it was made for you. Even if you’re wearing a more casual piece, such as a short-sleeved henley, it’s important to choose one in the appropriate size. Wearing clothing items that are too baggy can give you an unkempt appearance.

Pay Attention to the Details of Your Outfit

Sometimes, the details of an outfit can make all the difference in how you look. If you plan to wear jeans, pair them with a classic black leather belt with a silver buckle. A belt is a fashionable finishing touch to casual or formal pants.

If you plan to wear a button-up shacket, take some time to select a shirt that complements this modern piece. For instance, if you’re wearing a charcoal shacket, pair it with a long-sleeved shirt or a t-shirt in a lighter shade of gray. That way, both your shacket and your shirt are different shades of the same color. Take this tip a step further by wearing gray sneakers.

Consider Where You Are Taking Your Date

Before choosing your outfit, think about where you’re going for the evening. In short, your outfit should be appropriate for the place. If you’re going to see a play, then a pair of khaki pants, a button-up shirt and a suit coat would be a good choice. Alternatively, if you’re going to stop at a bar and then catch a baseball game, a pair of jeans and a men’s slim-fit shirt would be a suitable outfit for the occasion.

Date Night Outfits To Consider

Having a few specific examples of outfits can help you determine what you’d feel comfortable wearing. You can mix and match the pieces in these outfits to create one that’s all your own!

Outfit #1: Henley, Jeans and Polished Boots

A henley and a pair of jeans make for a casual yet stylish outfit. A pair of black or brown polished ankle boots gives the ensemble an extra touch of pizzazz. If it’s a cool evening, a brown or black bomber jacket would be the perfect addition to your look. Matching the color of your boots with your jacket would definitely win you extra style points.

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Outfit #2: Corduroy Pants, Sweater and Overcoat

Going out on a date on a winter evening gives you the chance to wear a snazzy outfit that keeps you warm at the same time. Slip on a pair of tan corduroy pants, a navy blue v-neck sweater and a light blue button-down shirt and you have a classic outfit. Throw on a navy blue wool overcoat and you’re wearing an ultra-chic outfit your date is sure to love.

You can switch up this basic outfit by wearing gray corduroy pants, a gray crew neck sweater and a white or pale blue button-up shirt. A black overcoat would be an excellent option, especially if you’re wearing black boots.

Outfit #3: Khaki Pants, Plaid Shirt and Loafers

A pair of brown or black loafers goes perfectly with classic khaki pants. Don’t forget to add a leather belt that matches your shoes. One of the best things about this casual outfit is the burst of color you get with the addition of a plaid shirt. A blue-and-green or red-and-blue plaid combination brings a splash of color to your look. For an extra dash of flair, choose a pea coat in a color that echoes one in your shirt’s plaid design.

Outfit #4: Sport Coat, Jeans and Sweater

This outfit is perfect for going to a casual restaurant for dinner, then out for a drink later on. A tan sport coat serves as an appealing contrast to a charcoal gray crew neck sweater and a pair of black jeans. If you get too warm in the restaurant, you can take off your sport coat and still look dapper in a dark sweater and jeans.

Outfit #5: A Button-Down Shirt, Vest, Sport Coat and Jeans

This layered look gives you the opportunity to show your unique style. Try pairing a white button-down shirt with a gray button vest and blue jeans. Next, slip on a plaid sport coat with a shade of gray in its pattern that matches your vest. Tan or brown work boots look great with this outfit.

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Outfit #6: A Navy Blue Suit and Dress Shirt

Taking a date to a fancy restaurant or an upscale club requires a more formal outfit. A tailored suit in navy blue looks attractive on most men, and it’s perfect to pair with a dress shirt in a light color. You may want to try a striped shirt in blue and white to enhance the look of your suit. A pair of chestnut brown ankle boots adds another modern touch to this ensemble.

If the weather is cold, consider a wool overcoat in a camel color to wear over your dark suit. A navy blue wool scarf makes this outfit even more elegant.

Make a Memorable Impression With Your Clothing Choices

Finally, when you take the time to carefully choose an outfit, it shows your date that you care about how you look. Plus, the outfit you choose lets them see a little bit of your personality. With luck, you’ll get the chance to impress them with your fashionable choices on a second date!

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