Everything About Full Lace and Front Lace Hair Systems

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Hair loss makes us feel depressed, triggers social anxiety, and lowers confidence. But thanks to hair systems, the recovery can be fast and risk-free. However, the plethora of hair systems options available online can confuse the best of us, especially first-time buyers.

The decision between full lace and a front lace one is one of the most baffling ones. Many men who choose recovery through a hair replacement system struggle to choose the right option between the two. That’s why we decided to help out!

We recently consulted Lordhair– a global toupees supplier –  to understand every aspect of the full lace and front lace hair system. Let’s get started!

Full lace hair system

The full lace hair system comes with a base that is made fully of lace and can be worn in different hairstyles. These hair systems are popular among men because of their lightweight, comfy nature and the high degree of realism they offer. However, full lace hair systems are at a higher price point than others, which is to be expected given their quality and the fact the bases are made by hand. A full lace hair system covers the entire head and is installed slightly differently than a lace front hair system that is only attached at the front edges of your head. 

In terms of breathability, full lace allows you more air to your head as the whole base is made of lace. 

Front lace hair system

The clue is in the name! The lace is just on the front, hence the name suggests. This hair system is one of the most popular choices amongst wig wearers because of the flawless illusion they create of a natural hairline. Widely popular among Brazilian and Caucasian men, Lace front hair wigs for men are known for their durability, quality, and affordable prices. Lace front hair systems are made by securing a flesh-colored lace to the front of the wig cap and then hand-knotting fine hairs through the holes of the lace so they can move freely like natural hair.

For men who want to regain their lost confidence and feel better about themselves, the lace front hair system is just the answer.

Which is a better option?

Now you know the difference between the full lace hair system and the lace front hair system. However, the question arrives which one is better? Actually, there isn’t a clear conclusion about which is better, a lace front hair system or a full lace hair system, because different people have different considerations.

If you want a hair system with better breathability and durability and can endure strenuous exercises, then you’d better buy the full lace hair system. Or if you want to comb different hairstyles and don’t care about the money spent, then the full lace hair system will be your good choice.

But If you have some worries about the price, but still want to have a high-quality hair system, then we recommend you buy the lace front hair system. Most importantly, if you are new to hair systems and afraid of complex installation, we think the lace front hair system will be suitable for you.

Shop lace hair systems

Above are the insights that will help you understand everything about the full lace and front lace hair system. We hope this guide will help you make a perfect purchase for your men’s hairpiece

If you are experiencing aggressive hair fall and don’t want to lose confidence, we recommend purchasing hairpieces for men designed from leading wig suppliers like Lordhair. 

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