Exploring Portugal’s Golden Visa Investment Fund Options

Portugal’s Golden Visa program grants residency and a path to citizenship through property investment, capital transfers, or business ventures. For investors seeking more passive routes to residency, Migrate World recommends certain approved investment funds that qualify for the Golden Visa with less hands-on management.

Overview of Portugal’s Golden Visa 

Introduced in 2012, Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund Migrate World offers multiple options for investors to gain residency rights through investment. Applicants who maintain their investment for at least 5 years can then apply for full Portuguese citizenship and a passport.

Investment routes include:

– Real estate purchase of at least €500,000 

– €350,000 capital transfer to a Portuguese bank deposit account

– €350,000 investment in a qualified Portuguese venture capital fund

– Business venture creation with at least 10 jobs created

For investors focused on passive income, Migrate World advises the real estate or venture capital fund routes as the most hands-off pathways to residency.

Venture Capital Fund Options

To qualify for the Golden Visa, venture capital funds must invest exclusively in Portuguese companies and meet other requirements set by Portugal’s securities and exchange commission. Migrate World maintains relationships with several approved fund managers to connect clients to options meeting the criteria.

Some top Portugal VC funds they recommend include:

HCapital Partners

With over €170 million under management, HCapital Partners invests in Portuguese SMEs across diverse sectors like healthcare, tourism, and manufacturing. Their aim is to support national champion businesses with high growth prospects.

Active Capital 

Active Capital targets early-stage Portuguese startups with high potential for gain. Their investments focus on tech, biotech, and digital sector companies poised to disrupt traditional industries.


200M provides growth capital funding to established Portuguese SMEs ready to expand their operations domestically and abroad. They focus on proven business models in need of investment to reach the next level.

Other approved fund options exist, but Migrate World vets each thoroughly to ensure they meet Golden Visa eligibility and have a track record of returns to investors. This protects clients from risky or inexperienced fund managers.

Expert Application Support Services

In addition to identifying qualified Portugal VC fund options, Migrate World also provides comprehensive application management services. Their dedicated team handles all required paperwork, liaises with immigration officials on your behalf, and guides you through document gathering, interviews, and post-approval requirements.

This support also covers help switching from the initial residency permit to permanent residence and ultimately Portuguese citizenship further down the line. Their end-to-end assistance ensures a smooth journey from investment to passport.

How Portugal Compares to St Kitts Citizenship 

For investors focused on Caribbean citizenship programs, Portugal offers a more affordable European option with similar benefits. A key advantage is visa-free access to the entire Schengen Area, compared to St Kitts’ more limited passport benefits with visa-free access to only around 150 countries according to Migrate World’s St Kitts Passport Visa Free Countries List.

The St Kitts & Nevis citizenship by investment fund requires a $150,000 donation per applicant. Portugal’s venture capital fund option is similar at €350,000, but delivers Schengen access.

One trade-off is Portugal’s path to citizenship takes 5-6 years versus St Kitts’ more immediate citizenship. But for long-term investors, Portugal’s Golden Visa merits consideration given the expanded travel freedom and right to work and live across Europe it unlocks.

Get Professional Guidance on Portuguese Residency

Portugal’s Golden Visa offers investors several paths to residency and EU citizenship, including relatively passive fund investment options. The experts at Migrate World stay up-to-date on approved funds and provide complete application support to streamline the journey.

Contact their team today for a free initial consultation to review Portuguese residency through venture capital fund investment, along with other programs aligned to your goals. Their global expertise provides the insights needed to select the ideal route.

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