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Our home is one of the most prized possessions that we build with all our love and passion. Hence, we want it to be well-organized, lively and beautiful at all times. However, our humble abode often goes through a calamity, or nature has its way, leaving it in a tattered condition. In times like these, we need a trusted ‘friend’ to take matters into his hand and bring our homes to their original beautiful shape and form. Of course, in times like these, we can’t invest all our savings in rebuilding our homes; hence we need a budget-friendly option who understands insurance well and cares about our home the way we do. This is where Bobby Thomas comes in with his company, Extreme Services and saves the day. With their slogan, ‘Your Restoration and Cleaning Experts!’, Extreme Services takes care of water, fire and smoke mitigation, mold remediation, air duct cleaning, hurricane/tornado restoration, as well as carpet cleaning.

For their excellent services and attention to detail, the company has been named as one of the top water restoration, mold remediation, and fire mitigation company for three consecutive years (2021, 2022, and 2023) by Talking about the services the company provides, Bobby Thomas shares, “I am proud to say that we have serviced hurricane and tornado clients effectively. One of the factors that make us the best in the industry is that we understand the insurance companies’ guidelines. We have built strong relationships with our TPA partners.” Moreover, Thomas sits on the contractor advisory board with AccuServe to help build better contractor and TPA relationships.

The Founder and CEO of Extreme Services, Bobby Thomas grew up in Charleston WV and graduated from South Charleston High School. He then went on to attend WV State University for a year but didn’t finish as he believed in exploring more avenues than gaining general knowledge in college. He gets his entrepreneurial spirit from his father, grandfather and uncles, as they were business owners. Thus, early on in his life, he knew the path he would follow as an adult by being his own boss and managing a company that works to make others’ lives easier.

Starting off as a small carpet cleaning company in 2011, Bobby Thomas ran an advertisement with Groupon and sold $5000 worth of coupons. When he ran the advert, he didn’t even own a carpet cleaning machine, so he rented the rug doctor from home depot and did the jobs out of his 2000 Honda Accord coupe. From there, he continued to grow and evolved into a restoration company. Today, Extreme Services operates in two corporate locations; Birmingham, AL, and Memphis, TN.

Growing and flourishing as a company for the past 12 years, Bobby Thomas believed that his mindset played a great role in his success. “When I lived in Baltimore, MD, years ago, I was told by a pastor in Aberdeen, MD, that I had a pipe dream. I knew in my heart that statement wasn’t true; pipe dreams don’t exist. Only people who don’t believe in you or couldn’t achieve their dreams say such things,” Bobby shared. “So, I started reading the Bible, Think and Grow Rich, and As a Man Thinketh. The books helped me understand the power of strategizing and acting upon thoughts and dreams. I never would have imagined I would be a CEO of a thriving restoration company. I will say that taking a risk with action along with perseverance has paid off for me,” he stressed.

Along with this, he has acquired several IICRC certifications and gained specialized knowledge. Not just him but the entire team at Extreme Services are experienced professionals, trained and certified in the latest restoration techniques. They use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to provide fast, reliable, and affordable services that meet the highest quality standards. They care about the people and understand the attachment to one’s home; hence they leave no stone unturned to bring satisfaction to their clients.

As a company with a strong reputation for excellence and customer service, Extreme Services has a bright future ahead. The company is always looking for ways to improve its services and meet the changing needs of its customers. To stay ahead of the growing competition, they plan to penetrate the market by opening offices in DC and Metro Atlanta. Besides, they have plans to begin franchising in the foreseeable future. Apart from that, Extreme Services is working on expanding its offerings, potentially adding reconstruction services to its portfolio in the coming years.

Extreme Services works on the principle of providing the best restoration services fast-tracked to cater to your needs. Their helpline is active 24/7 for emergency services. Be it a flooded basement at midnight or a house on fire, they aim to offer fast, reliable, and affordable services to restore your home’s former glory.

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