Go On The Ultimate Escape Room Experience With Family, Friends, And Coworkers!

As the entertainment world continues to evolve, interactive experiences that challenge the mind and stimulate the senses are rapidly gaining popularity. 

Among these, escape rooms are emerging as a thrilling option for those seeking a blend of immersive storytelling, puzzle-solving, and adrenaline-pumping suspense. 

Whether you’re an experienced escape artist or a newcomer to the scene, we think that two venues offer exceptional experiences that will redefine your perception of fun. 

Take part in breathtaking missions at Mythical Escapes

For those in the Greater Rochester Area, one destination has set a new bar for escape room adventures. Welcome to Mythical Escapes.

Nestled in the picturesque town of Pittsford near Rochester NY, Mythical Escape Room offers technologically advanced escape room experiences. 

Each adventure is meticulously designed to provide a unique blend of puzzles, challenges, and captivating narratives, appealing to escape room veterans and novices alike.

Their missions

In one room, Cryosleep, you’re transported to the year 2320, finding yourself and your friends kidnapped on board a malfunctioning spaceship’s cryosleep. 

Your objective? 

Escape your icy prisons, regain control of the spaceship, and outwit your kidnapper. All within 60 minutes.

In another adventure, Eat or Be Eaten, you’ll find your Florida rudely interrupted as you wake up in a seemingly abandoned meatpacking plant.

Covered in blood, with an unknown individual lying on the floor near you, and a strange noise coming from the next room, you have a thrilling mystery to solve!

Celebrating special occasions at Mythical Escapes

Beyond their games, Mythical Escapes also offers a range of events. Their escape rooms can add an element of teamwork and excitement to team-building events, birthday parties, date nights, or other special occasions.

Lose yourself in immersive environments at Lost Games Escape Rooms

In Las Vegas, a city known for its entertainment, Lost Games Escape Rooms has managed to stand out by redefining the traditional escape room experience. 

One of the top results if you Google “escape room Las Vegas”, this destination offers an array of innovative escape room games designed to challenge, entertain, and involve players in captivating narratives.

Their escape room games

As we shall see, Lost Games have introduced innovative elements into their mission storylines, from a 2-part escape game series to an escape game-immersive theater combination and even a chess-like social deduction game.

  • In Asylum Part I, you and your team have to figure out why patients are vanishing in a mysterious mental health institution.
  • Asylum Part II picks up where Part I ended. You’ve uncovered the Asylum’s secret – but can you outrun the orderlies?
  • The Fortune Teller sees you try to avert a looming disaster while engaging with a real-life actor.
  • And The Floor Is Lava is the social deduction game where you’re divided into two teams and assigned secret roles.

Mark special occasions at Lost Games

Similar to Mythical Escapes, Lost Games also hosts events. They provide a platform for unforgettable birthday parties, corporate events, or any special occasions you might be celebrating.

Whether you’re on the East Coast and eager for a thrilling escape room adventure or you find yourself on the West Coast, craving a Vegas escape room experience, both Mythical Escapes and Lost Games offer top-tier experiences that go above and beyond the conventional. 

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