Guide to luxury sport watches to indulge your competitive streak

Sport watchesaren’t always chunky with rubber straps. They’re not only meant for active usage, and their appearance aren’t always particularly sporty. Sporty timepieces for men, have become more diverse in their designs in recent years, and the luxury watch industry is no different. While they’re built to be robust and rugged as a sports watch, what constitutes a sports watch varies for different brands, from high-tech features to pretty simple time-only designs. Some are even specifically designed for specific sports. But one thing’s for sure, they’re significantly water resistant, typically has a strong case, and some even have smartphone connectivity function. Today, new luxury sports watch designs are produced every year.

 Why a luxury sports watch?

From features and styles to different preferences and lifestyle, whether you enjoy a game of golf, polo, watersports or all kinds of adventure, you’re spoilt for choice in the high-end luxury men watch department.

 Top luxury sports watches use movements with certified high accuracy. Their movements can usually last for at least 40 hours, giving you enough space before the next wind-up or activation. They’re also durable, with reinforced bracelets and tough casing to prevent scratches and jerks from wear. The water resistance feature allows you to partake in fun water activities like scuba diving, free diving, swimming and water sports like jet-skiing. Its corrosion resistance prevents rusting and skin irritation from daily use.


Stainless steel strap are suitable for rugged use and they’re comfortable enough that they don’t irritate your skin through extended use. In addition, stainless steel watches are better immune to scratches. The titanium however, is stronger and lighter than strap material. It’s the ultimate metal sports watch strap. Most sports watches also come in rubber or sailcloth strap that are washable, suitable for physical activities that include a lot of grime and sweat. They won’t fade from washing and cleaning. The downside is that they’re not as versatile as wearing them on a night out or going for a semi formal look would probably not look the smartest. The general advice is to have multiple sports watch straps to style your timepiece, or different watches for various occasions.

 Classic sports watches

Classic sports watches might appeal to the wider crowd as it isn’t designed for a specific sport. It can be worn for all types of sports and activities. Although they don’t always include additional features or complications to help perform intended tasks, this type of sports watch can also be worn daily.

 Exploration watches

The best way to know if a watch is great for exploration, is to look at some of the world’s most intrepid explorers, mountaineers and scientists, as they would have tested watches in extreme conditions. If you fancy a classic, pure, straightforward watch that is water-resistant with a reliable self-winding movement, the Rolex Explorer which debuted in 1953 is a great option. Released to celebrate mankind’s successful summit of Mount Everest, led by Sir John Hunt, the Explorer watch is all about performance and adventure in extreme conditions. The latter, the Explorer II, has a 24-hour display and because of its ability to withstand the most volatile environments, it’s a choice for polar explorers, speleologists and volcanologists. The reinforced case and legible dial is a perfect combination of elegance and heritage for the minimalist look.

 Dive watches

If you plan on spending a lot of time in the water, a dive watch would suit you. Divers are the most popular type of sports watches, despite the fact that very few people actually use them for deep water diving. Some must have features include high water resistance ratings, legible displays and rotating bezels that can be used for tracking immersion times and decompression stops. One of our top favourites is the Rolex Submariner that works as a blueprint for all underwater timepieces. It’s robust, stylish, highly collectible and comes in a number of colours.

 Styling your watch

Depending on the design of your watch, it can also be good for smart casual settings. For example, dive watches that are sleek and not too bulky can be paired with shorts and a T shirt. However, it’s best to avoid dive watches with suits unless the event calls for a more relaxed dress code. On the contrary, some luxury sports watches can look interesting combined with a suit. Say you love motor sports, wearing one suggests that you’re a big fan and you’re not afraid to push boundaries even outside of work.

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