​​Here’s how you can maximise your returns with PPF calculator

There were two cousins, Ramsha and Anu. They were both financially savvy but had different approaches to managing their money. One sunny afternoon, they decided to meet for coffee and discuss their financial plans.

Ramsha: Anu, have you ever considered​ investing in a PPF (Public Provident Fund) account? It’s a fantastic way to​ secure our future while saving on taxes.

Anu: PPF? What is this and how can it prove to be beneficial?

Ramsha: Well, Anu, PPF is a long-term, government-backed savings scheme. It not only assists us in saving funds but even provides a wide range of benefits. Okay, lemme list down some top benefits for you.

Earnings are tax-free

The interest earned and the maturity amount in a PPF account are entirely tax-free. This feature ensures that your returns remain untouched by taxes, maximising your overall gains.

Tax benefits

Your investments of as high as Rs 1.50 lakh in PPF are tax-deductible as per Section 80 C. This infers you can lower your taxable income by your invested amount in PPF, lowering your tax liability.

Low risk

PPF is backed by the Indian government, making it one of the safest investment options available. Your principal and interest are secure, providing peace of mind.

Regular deposits

PPF offers flexibility in terms of making contributions. You can choose to deposit funds monthly or yearly based on your financial situation and goals.

Long-term wealth creation

PPF encourages long-term savings with a minimum investment tenure of 15 years. This extended horizon allows your money to grow substantially over time.

Loan facility

After a few years, you can avail of loans against your PPF account. This feature can come in handy during emergencies or to meet urgent financial needs without disturbing your long-term savings.

Nomination facility

PPF allows you to nominate a family member to receive the proceeds in case of an unfortunate event. This ensures that your loved ones are financially protected.

Partial withdrawals

Starting from the 7th year, PPF allows partial withdrawals. This feature provides liquidity when needed while keeping the account active for further growth.


You can transfer your PPF account from one bank or post office to another seamlessly. This flexibility is advantageous if you relocate or prefer the services of a different financial institution.

Retirement planning

PPF serves as an excellent tool for building a retirement corpus. The long-term nature of the scheme ensures that you accumulate a substantial nest egg for your retirement years.

No attachment

PPF accounts cannot be attached by creditors. This means that your PPF savings are safe from legal claims or liabilities, providing an additional layer of financial security.

Financial discipline

PPF encourages regular deposits, instilling financial discipline. Knowing that you have committed to saving for the long term helps you manage your finances more responsibly.

Minors’ accounts

PPF accounts can be opened for minors with certain conditions. This feature allows parents and guardians to start saving for their child’s future early on.

Savings for education

The accumulated corpus in a PPF account can be used to fund your child’s education. This makes it an attractive option for long-term education savings, reducing the burden of education expenses in the future.

Compound interest

The interest in a PPF account compounds annually, leading to substantial growth. Over the years, your money multiplies not only through your contributions but also through the interest on interest.
Anu was impressed by the many benefits of PPF, but she had one more question.

Anu: Ramsha, managing all these calculations​ and keeping track of my PPF account sounds daunting. How do I ensure I’m optimising​ my returns?

Ramsha: That’s where an online PPF calculator​ comes into play, Anu. It works just like an FD calculator. Using it has​ significant advantages –


Manual calculations can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Online PPF calculators perform complex calculations in seconds, saving you valuable time and effort.


An online PPF calculator ensures precise calculations of interest on your contributions and prevailing interest rates. It eliminates human errors, ensuring that your financial planning is based on accurate figures.

Real-time updates

Online calculators fetch up-to-date interest rates, guaranteeing that your calculations reflect the current scenario. This ensures that your financial plans are based on the most accurate and relevant information.

Easy planning

These calculators enable you to experiment with different contribution amounts. You can see how varying your deposits impacts your PPF account’s growth, allowing for informed decision-making.

Maturity amount estimation

With an online PPF calculator, you can estimate the maturity amount of your PPF account. This feature provides a clear picture of your financial future, helping you set realistic goals and expectations.

Tax planning

Online PPF calculators help you calculate the tax benefits of your PPF investments. By inputting your contribution amounts, you can determine how much tax you’ll save, aiding in effective tax planning.

Contribution adjustment

You can adjust your PPF contributions according to your financial goals. The calculator allows you to see how increasing or decreasing your deposits affects your savings over time.

Goal tracking

Online calculators allow you to set financial goals and track your progress toward achieving them. This feature helps you stay motivated and focused on your objectives.

Investment period comparison

You can compare the returns for different investment tenures easily. This feature helps you make informed decisions about how long to keep your funds invested to meet your financial objectives.

Withdrawal planning

Planning partial withdrawals is simplified with an online PPF calculator. You can see how withdrawing funds at different intervals impacts your savings, ensuring you maintain financial stability.

Interactive interface

Most online PPF calculators offer a user-friendly interface. This makes the entire process of financial planning and calculations seamless, even for those with limited financial expertise.

Interest rate changes

PPF interest rates can change over time. With an online calculator, you can easily adjust your computations according to such rate fluctuations, ensuring your financial plans stay up to date.


As an online PPF calculator can be accessed anytime from anywhere, you can plan as well as monitor your finances at your convenience.

Educational tool

Beyond calculations, online PPF calculators often provide insights into the power of compounding and the benefits of PPF. They serve as educational tools, helping users understand the financial principles behind their investments.

Mobile compatibility

Many online calculators are designed for phones, making them convenient for on-the-go planning of finances.
As they completed their beverage, Anu was convinced about the necessity of utilising an online PPF calculator.

Anu: Thank you very much, Ramsha, I never knew managing my money could be this rewarding and efficient. I will begin my PPF and use an online calculator right away.

Ramsha: That is good to hear, Anu. With careful financial planning and usage of the correct tools, we can enhance our returns and secure our future.


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