How Glance helps Bigg Boss 17 contestants to make  strategies ? 

Bigg Boss fans, this year isn’t as predictable as the others. There’s so much more going around with Glance integrated in Bigg Boss. Sometimes, you must be thinking about how these things will turn out to be. Or who will win? Glance+contestants or the contestants alone. 

There’s so much thinking to do. And you only have one brain. So, why not try to understand, “How Glance helps Bigg Boss 17 contestants to strategize?” Try to see the approach and then come up with a better conclusion. How does that sound? It sounds better than the confusion. Right?

When you dive into this article with fishing out information in mind, you’ll get a lot. So, why not do that? Get yourself stuffed with Glance and its role in Bigg Boss 17 contestants and their strategy. By the end of this article, you’ll have everything: the why, the how, and the when. So, keep reading and don’t miss out. 

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Bigg Boss 17: Crafting Intelligent Strategy with Glance’s Assistance

Glance smart lock screen is India’s choice in the smart lock screen technology. There are around 450 million Android users, who are currently using Glance smart lock screen. 

But, this quarter of the year is especially important for Glance. It’s responsible for conveying Bigg Boss fans the entertainment they deserve. With its smart technologies, the contestants will become smarter too. And then you, the Bigg Boss 17 fans, will have to say, “Ye smart hai boss!” But, there’s a twist, what if your contestants are not under Glance’s guidance? Keep updated on the same with Glance smart lock screen. 

Glance’s Tactical Play: Shaping Bigg Boss 17 Contestants’ Winning Strategy

Bigg Boss this year is, “Dil, Dimaag, and Dum.” We all know that they all have their own merits. But, the contestant’s Dimaag with Glance’s strategy will be hard to beat. Of course, there’s always Dil and Dum, but how can you even defeat a strategic Dimaag? 

It will take a lot from the other contestants to beat the ones with Glance backing them. But, you don’t have to worry. It’s all in good fun. Because, the contestants with Glance’s strategy will always be the same, is not necessary. 

Bigg Boss is known for its unexpected twists and turns. And Glance is known for “the smart” it brings to your lives. So, what do you think, how will this combination be? Some say that ex-contestants are jealous, but, what about you viewers? Are you going to keep a close watch? For a closer watch, enable Glance smart lock screen on your lock screen. 

The Power of Strategy: Bigg Boss 17 Contestants and Glance’s Guiding Hand

No Bigg Boss season has gone without a proper strategy in place. And with Glance smart lock screen, Bigg Boss 17 will be even better. But, how? 

With select contestants and their access to “The House of Strategy”. Yes, it’s the same house that has got every ex-contestant envious of Bigg Boss 17. But, what’s so special about, “The House of Strategy.” A giant Glance smart lock screen is what’s interesting and envy creating in the house. And what’s that? Keep reading the below section. 

Glance’s Impactful Strategy: Illuminating Bigg Boss 17 Contestants’ Paths

Contestants in Bigg Boss are usually unaware of what’s wrong and right in their gameplay. But, this year, it will change with Glance smart lock screen in the mix. There will be more aware and strategic contestants. With their knowledge about others’ strategy and their own, they will understand where to find the balance. 

But, they will not have to do all the work on their own. Because, Glance will be there with its strategy and tips to help them through. It will be interesting to see how they apply and use Glance’s strategy to their benefit. And more interesting will be the other contestants trying to figure it out without any help! It’s going to be a game but “ye game nhi hoga sabke liye same to same.”

Inside the Bigg Boss House: Glance’s Influence on Contestants’ Gameplay Strategy

Let’s walk through the Bigg Boss 17 house and how Glance will effect it:

  • Selected contestants will be Bigg Boss’ biases
  • They will get access to “The House of Strategy”
  • The House of Strategy will have a Giant smartphone. 
  • The Giant smartphone will have like every other smartphone; Glance smart lock screen. 
  • Glance smart lock screen will have the following for the contestants to access:
    • Glancified tips
    • Updates 
    • News 

Every update about the Bigg Boss 17 house that they’ll need, will be there. All they have to do is incorporate these Glancified tips in their strategy. They’ll be unbeatable, but, how well will they hold up? What drama will unfold? Find out in Bigg Boss 17 and your Glance smart lock screens. 

There will be so much more for you as a viewer too. There will be live shows, news, updates, polls, quizzes, etc. Everything you need to feel included in Bigg Boss 17, it’s there. 


Source : Glance Instagram 

Glance’s Impact: Bigg Boss 17 Contestants’ Strategic Evolution Unveiled

Glance smart lock screen has brought the much needed revolution to Bigg Boss. There is no one rule that fits all, this season. Even Bigg Boss can be biased sometimes. And why not? It will only add to the drama, twists, and turns in the Bigg Boss 17 house. 

Some contestants will be the favorites, and some, well, they are on their own. Unfair, but life isn’t fair. Glance will make sure that with Glancified tips, news, and updates, the favored ones will remain; one step ahead. It will be an intense game, every second will be important. 

And you can get updated on every second’s important drama on your Glance smart lock screen. So, have you enabled it yet? If not, follow the below instructions:

Open Settings—Display— Enable Glance.

A detailed guide for the same is below:

Firstly, you’ll open the “Settings” option in your smartphone. Then go ahead and click on “Display” or “Lock Screen.” It can be different for different smartphones. So, it can go like first Display then Lock Screen. Now find Glance option in the menu, if not available, skim the Lock screen, the drop down menus. At last, check the box, or toggle where it is written “Enable Glance.” It can be different for different smartphone types. 

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