Logbook Vs Vort Test: Getting Your Adelaide Driving Licence

You’ve reached that exciting moment when you’re ready to take charge of the steering wheel and journey towards acquiring a driver’s licence in Adelaide. Whether you’re a local seeking the first taste of true freedom or a newcomer eager to explore South Australia’s stunning landscapes, the road ahead is full of possibilities.

As you step into obtaining your Adelaide driving licence, an important question looms before you like a beacon of excitement: Logbook or VORT test? Ah, the age-old dilemma that revives the curiosity of aspiring drivers like you. But, Fear not!

This article will discuss and compare both tests to clarify your dilemma and help you choose between them. This article will also talk about the best driving school per your needs.

How to get Your Adelaide Driving Licence?

To obtain your Adelaide driving licence, follow these steps. Firstly, pass the computer-based theory test to apply for a learner’s permit. Next, gain supervised driving experience with a licensed driver.

Consider taking a driver’s education course to enhance your skills. Pass the hazard perception test to demonstrate your ability to identify and respond to hazards.

Choose between the Logbook or Vehicle On-Road Test (VORT) options. Complete the required supervised driving hours in the Logbook option and submit your logbook for assessment. Alternatively, opt for the VORT test, a practical on-road assessment.

Upon successful completion, you’ll receive your provisional licence, granting you the freedom to drive with certain restrictions. Remember to prioritise safety and practice diligently throughout the process.

What is VORT Test?

The Vehicle On-Road Test (VORT) is a practical assessment to evaluate your driving skills and competency. It is an option for obtaining your driving licence in Australia, including Adelaide. A qualified examiner will accompany you during the VORT as you navigate real-world driving situations.

The examiner will assess your ability to handle various driving tasks, follow road rules, and demonstrate good decision-making.

This test comprehensively evaluates your practical driving skills and readiness to drive independently. Preparing thoroughly by practising driving techniques, understanding road rules, and developing hazard perception skills is essential to increase your chances of success in the VORT.

What is the Cost of the VORT Test?

The Vehicle On-Road Test (VORT) cost varies depending on the state or territory in which you are taking the test. In Adelaide, the cost of the VORT test is typically determined by the relevant government authority or licensing agency.

The rate of VORT depends upon the driving instructor/ examiner. But you can expect it to be around $250. After taking VORT and passing, you must pay an annual fee of about $80. Additionally to this is $15 for the administration fee.

Once you paid for the licence and the administration fee, you must pay for your VORT instructor/ examiner.

How to Prepare for VORT Test?

Preparing for the Vehicle On-Road Test (VORT) is crucial to increase your chances of success. Here are some ways to help you get ready:

1. Familiarize Yourself with Road Rules

Study the road rules and regulations specific to your state or territory. This includes knowing traffic signs, speed limits, and right-of-way rules. Onroad driving school can provide comprehensive resources, including study materials and practice tests, to help you master the road rules.

2. Develop Hazard Perception Skills

Practice your ability to identify and respond to possible hazards on the road. Onroad driving school offers hazard perception training involving simulated scenarios to enhance hazard awareness and decision-making skills. This training can greatly benefit you during the VORT test.

3. Practice Basic Driving Skills

Build confidence in fundamental driving skills such as steering control, braking, accelerating, and lane positioning. Regular practice with a licensed driver will help you refine these skills. A driving school can guide essential driving techniques and offer practice sessions with experienced instructors.

4. Mock VORT Tests

Familiarise yourself with the format and structure of the VORT test by taking mock exams. Onroad offers simulated VORT tests that closely resemble the actual assessment. These practice tests can help you become comfortable with the test environment and improve your performance.

5. Seek Professional Guidance

Consider taking a driving lesson from a professional driving instructor. He can provide valuable insights, personalised feedback, and targeted instruction to help you fine-tune your driving skills and address any areas of improvement. Onroad offers professional driving lessons tailored to your specific needs and the requirements of the VORT test.

What is Logbook Test?

The Logbook test assesses your driving skills and competency in obtaining your driving licence in Australia, including Adelaide. With the Logbook test, you must complete a set number of supervised driving hours and record them in a logbook.

These hours cover various driving conditions and tasks, such as day and night driving, urban and rural areas, and different road types. The logbook serves as evidence of your driving experience and progress.

Once you have fulfilled the required hours, you can submit your logbook for assessment by the relevant licensing authority. They will review your entries; if they are adequate, you will be granted your driving licence.

It’s important to accurately record your hours and ensure they meet the specific requirements outlined by the licensing authority.

What is the Cost of a Logbook Test?

The cost of the Logbook test in Australia varies depending on the state or territory in which you are applying for your driving licence. The appropriate government authority or licensing agency determines the fees associated with the Logbook test.

To know the correct and latest pricing information, check with the adequate. They will provide you with the fees associated with the Logbook test, which may include an assessment fee and additional administrative charges.

Remember to factor in the cost of any driving lesson or supervised driving hours you may require to complete your logbook.

How to Prepare for Logbook Test?

Preparing for the Logbook test requires careful planning and diligent practice.

Here are some ways to get ready for this test:

1. Understand the Requirements

Get to know the specific requirements outlined by the licensing authority in your state or territory. This includes knowing the minimum number of supervised driving hours and the specific conditions and tasks that must be covered in your logbook.

2. Plan Your Driving Sessions

Create a structured plan for your supervised driving sessions. Allocate time for different driving conditions, such as day and night driving, varied road types, and urban and rural areas. This will help ensure you cover all the elements required for your logbook.

3. Seek Guidance from Experienced Drivers

Begin honing your driving abilities by seeking guidance from experienced and licensed drivers. They have invaluable knowledge and can offer constructive feedback. This can enhance your techniques and bolster your confidence. Moreover, they focus on the cultivation of safe driving practices.

4. Professional Driving Lesson

Enrol in professional driver training programs from a reputable driving school. These esteemed driving schools use expert instructors. They specialise in preparing students for the Logbook examination.

With their insightful evaluations, they can assess your progress and provide valuable feedback. Their expertise can help you meet the requirements for driving competence.

5. Logbook Assessment

Before presenting your logbook for assessment, review your entries. Also, ensure their accuracy and compliance with the designated criteria. Verify that all relevant information, including dates, times, and driving conditions, is recorded.

6. Onroad’s Logbook Assistance

Onroad Sydney Driving School extends invaluable support in preparing for your Logbook examination. They offer various comprehensive driving lessons designed to align with the logbook requirements. Additionally, they can help you plan your driving sessions. They provide expert feedback on your progress without raising suspicion.


Whether you choose the Logbook or the Vehicle On-Road Test (VORT) to get your Adelaide driving licence, both need careful planning and practice. Understanding the exact requirements and tailoring your approach is critical.

Use the experience of Onroad Sydney Driving School to guarantee you are well-prepared. Their skilled teachers can give detailed instruction and scheduled training. They also give useful comments to assist you in excelling in any exam option.

Take the next step towards regaining your driving privileges. Explore Onroad’s website for information and help.

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