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By- Lisa Montalto

The word memoir gets its name from the word “memory,” because a memoir is just that … a story told from memory that would otherwise be lost when someone passes away. These stories provide valuable insights into their world. Whether printed or kept in digital format, a memoir can be passed down through generations and kept as a valuable look at family history, or published and used in business or the military to share stories and practices of days gone by.

Ghostwriters Central provides memoir writing services, and writes memoirs of all kinds and we know the importance of these stories. The first thing we do is get to know you and your personality. This is essential to bringing out the underlying story; the story behind the story, so to speak. We do this through phone conversations or with video calls, where we take notes as you tell us the tale of who you are, your background, the pivotal moments in your life or career, and how you overcame any adversity. We want to know every detail of how you started and how far you’ve come.

As we always say, everyone has a story. You may think your life is not interesting enough to be made into a memoir, but if you think long and hard, you’ll realize that every choice, every decision, every failure, and every triumph, has made you what you are today.

For personal memoirs, your story gives a first-hand account of your life that no one else knows as intricately as you. Nothing in your life happens by accident and nothing in your life is boring. Your story will live on as a legacy to your family. They may only know you as mom and dad, or grandpa and grandma, but they never knew you when you were young. How did you meet your husband or wife, was it a long courtship or love at first sight? Did you serve in the military or were you the one holding down the home front while your boyfriend or husband was drafted or enlisted in the Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force?

We’ve all seen television shows and movies that depict certain eras, but personal stories tell it like it really was. What was it like in the decade that you grew up? Were you a flapper girl, a bobbysoxer, a hippie, a disco king or queen, or maybe hip-hopper? We would all love to know what it was like living through the Great Depression, or what it was like to go to Woodstock, an Elvis Presley concert or to have learned the Moonwalk by watching Michael Jackson videos.

How did your career develop? Did you always know what you wanted to be when you grew up or did you stumble into greatness? In business, people always want to know how you got started, how you climbed the ladder, and what obstacles you faced. Your memoir could serve as a road map to success or a warning of things to avoid.

Sometimes the best memoirs are those with the greatest adversity. You don’t have to be a success in your personal life or your career to write a compelling memoir. We have written for everyone from those living paycheck to paycheck to the chronically or terminally ill, those who have lost limbs in the military, those who’ve lost loved ones in tragic ways, and those who have been unlucky in love. Those stories are compelling and teach life lessons. They’re extremely valuable to anyone who reads them.

On the flip side, those with success stories always have interesting tales of how they got there. Was it a direct ascent to the top or a struggle? Was their family life always as perfect as it is now? Are there any skeletons in their closet? Family, friends, and even the public want to know.

One client of note is a woman who married the love of her life and got the white picket fence lifestyle of which she always dreamed. Her career was going well and her kids were thriving, when she was blindsided by a cheating husband. In her darkest hours, she felt like she could never rebuild her life, but with the help and support of family, she restructured her career and her life took off in a direction she never thought possible. She leaves behind this memoir for all those women struggling in relationships, trying to get out or already out but now wondering where to go from there. Her book was published for public consumption and gained traction with both men and women, while her family learned so much that they didn’t know about her from life, from birth through retirement.

So, what’s your story? We’re sure you have one. If you’d like to leave behind an important piece of yourself or have something to tell the world, let us help you get it done. We have a team of professional writers who specialize in writing your personal stories and we’ll give you a free consultation to see if we are a fit for each other. Reach out to Ghostwriters Central for ghostwriting services. Thanks for reading!

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