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Same-day crowns are an ingenious dental procedure for providing fast relief for compromised teeth crowns. For instance, if a person broke a tooth on the day of their wedding, this procedure can be beneficial for restoring their dental smile before the ceremony begins. The person does not have to wait for several days to find a solution for their teeth.

Technological advancement in dentistry has led to the development of quick dental interventions. Same-day crowns are a by-product of this invention. Patients can find fast solutions when they are in dire situations.

How Same-Day Crowns Work

Patients do not have to walk with a broken or problematic crown for weeks before finding a solution. A visit to a dentist can quickly provide a semi-permanent solution. The dentist creates the crown during the appointment after examining the patient’s teeth and providing a proper diagnosis.

The dentist gets the patient’s teeth impressions and uses computer-aided manufacturing software (CAD/CAM technology) to design the crown. The prosthetic enamel material comes from porcelain or ceramic, sturdy like natural teeth. The dentist sends the designed crown to the milling machine, where sculpts of the teeth get developed using porcelain or ceramic.

The patient must try the prosthetic crown first before the dentist bonds it with the teeth. The dentist also factors in the crown’s hue and matches it with the patient’s teeth color to maintain consistency. Once the dentist ascertains the fit, they fix the coloring and bond the crown to the patient’s teeth.

The patient can request anesthesia during the installation process and leave the dentist’s office when the local anesthesia wears off. Some dentists may need to remove the enamel to accommodate the crown. Thus, the dentist applies anesthesia to the soft tissue surrounding the teeth to numb the area before removing the enamel.

Digital dental impressions are precise, reducing the chances for alternations to a bare minimum. The accuracy decreases the time needed to complete the procedure. The custom crown can serve the patient a couple of days before they come for the permanent crown replacement.

Benefits of Same-Day Crowns


Getting same-day crowns are very is convenient for the patient. They do not have to wait for weeks to have a solution. The temporary crown improves aesthetics and provides relief by not exposing the teeth’s nerves and blood vessels.

Preserves the Compromised Teeth Until The Dentist Provides A Permanent Solution

Same-day crown procedures do not require drilling to fit the temporary crown- this is why the solution is fast and easy. The solution masks the problem using the existing teeth. Therefore, the teeth remain intact until it is time to find a permanent solution.

Prevents Future Decay

The fitting in same-day crowns is perfect, reducing the possibility of teeth decay from plaque and bacteria build-up.

Prevents Injury

Unlike temporary crowns, which cause injury to adjacent teeth when they become loose, same-day crowns remain intact, preserving the integrity of the surrounding teeth.


Patients with same-day crowns save on costs because the procedure has no additional visits. The crown fits with precision on the teeth. Therefore, fitting is never an issue.


Are Same-Day Crowns Worth It?

Same-day crowns are convenient and cost-effective. They enable people to continue their daily activities after a brief visit to the dentist. They also have minimal to no injections – especially if the dentist scans and designs the crown using digital software. The dentist also applies local anesthesia to fix the compromised crown.

Can A Dentist Fit a Dental Crowns on the Same Day?

As the name states, same-day procedures take a day to complete. The dentist examines, diagnoses, designs, creates, and fits the prothetic crown in a few hours at worst. The procedure is perfect for nervous patients because it only requires one doctor’s visit. There are no subsequent visits because the crown usually fits perfectly on the teeth.

What Should I Expect From a Crown From the Same Day?

Same-day crowns work like natural crowns – better than traditional crowns. The procedure creates a perfectly fitting crown, which gets attached to the teeth without drilling or other complex mechanisms. The crown fits perfectly on the compromised teeth protecting and preserving the oral cavity from bacteria, food harshness, and bruising. Expect to retain teeth functionality and maintain a perfect smile.

How Long do Same-Day Crowns Last?

The material of the prosthetic crowns can prolong the period of usefulness of same-day crowns. Crowns made from porcelain mixed with steel are more durable and can serve the wearer for 10 to 15 years. However, proper oral care also influences the length of use. Therefore, have a daily oral care routine to extend the usefulness of the crown.

Which is better, Same-Day Crowns or Traditional Crowns?

It all comes to the patient’s preference. If a person needs a quick crown replacement solution that requires one day to accomplish, the same-day crown is the best option. The same-day crown procedure is also perfect for fearful people because there are minimal invasion and dentist visits.

On the other hand, traditional crowns include enamel removal and drilling during the crown installation process. The prosthetic crown development process also takes several days. The chances of the crown not fitting or coming off after a period of use is high. Expect to have several dental visits to fix arising issues.

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