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Utilization further swipe commandos:
– Swipe left: back
– Swipe proper: skip
– Swipe up: essential menu
– Swipe down: cover


The sport saves are saved now in a persistent folder and must be out there even when the sport is deinstalled
Location: “(your device)RenPy_Savescom.koga3.thedelucafamily”

– It’s a must to grant the permission for the exterior/second save storage use when beginning the sport for the primary time.
– On some gadgets the sport appears to caught on the very first begin after you granted the permission.
Please shut the sport fully and restart it, it ought to work after that with out that challenge again.


Download Walkthrough Mod


The Walkthrough exhibits factors and or highlights the alternatives.

Set up:

PC/MAC: Change/Merge with the “game” folder.

Download CG

Download Information

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Fast write-up/walkthrough for first contracts – D Rank:

Finishing Facet Missions with the women will increase stats.
Finishing all of Gracie’s will increase Intelligence +3
Isabel’s enhance Charisma +3
Luna’s enhance Agility +3

Promotion Occasion may also present further stats. Just be sure you gather the Reward, with Luna!

SPOILER: Contract 1: Nimble Fingers
Contract 1: Nimble Fingers

Purchase Stealth hat & the Stealth trousers from Store.
Equip them in Tools.

First go to the sq. furthest East and pet the canine x5 to obtain a Painkiller.
Keep in mind this sq. for later. When your Notion is +4, or increased, an previous man will seem right here. He gives you some back story about your Father, then provide the Lock Glasses (Legendary), Mission reward .

Go North to the couple.
At first you’ll not have a lot, in the best way of stats.
The Stealth hat & trousers enabled me to steal the jacket, from the couple within the NE nook.
I didn’t try to confront the man, as wished extra Energy first.

I then went all the best way to the West.
Then North to the market & purchased the guide, for $20 (why I solely purchased the hat & trousers), with out trying to barter. This grants +1 Information.
Go South, Discover, Work together.
Select the “house on the left”. Stealth verify right here. (The Stealth from the hat & trousers can be sufficient to acquire the Jewellery.)
Don’t strategy the “house on the right”, until you might have Charisma +3/Information +1 & Intelligence +4.

When you fail any checks, you possibly can regain +1MP within the sq. to the East of the homes. Select Discover.

Return to the beginning sq. and Work together, then Exit.
Repeat this till you stand up a few ranks & can buy the Lengthy Coat.

When you increase your Assault to not less than +3, you possibly can go North to the Museum. Work together with the guard & select Assault. Then be sincere about being with DeLuca Household.
He’ll then offer you a pouch, for extra cash & XP.
Additionally, you will unlock Particular Render: Snow Serpent.

While you really feel assured with the couple, you possibly can select to confront them.
With excessive sufficient Agility, I principally Evade, till there’s one thing which suggests a gap, then I Assault.
Gained S Rank (zero failures) simply, like this.
Profitable this combat with S Rank unlocks Particular Render: Mommy’s Good Woman.
A Rank received me the Hardened Gloves (R). I failed Energy verify, in the course of the Struggle. 1 failure received me the A Rank.

SPOILER: *Easter egg discovered right here

When you increase your Charisma, or Information, + Intelligence, you possibly can strategy the “house on the right”.
Work together with Bikini Woman to realize her ring.
You’ve got stat checks right here. Wants Charisma +3 or Information +1, in addition to Intelligence +4.
Particular Render: Floating Pink is gained right here.

Ring & E-book are one time solely, so max return from this contract, as soon as they’re gained, is: Pouch from guard, painkiller from canine, jacket from couple, pockets after beating man from couple in combat, Jewellery from home on the left.
Ought to present round $150.

SPOILER: Contract 2: The Snooping Bonans (Night)
Contract 2: The Snooping Bonans (Night)

This one, it’s essential go a couple of stat checks.
Initially head East, then North. Right here you’ll have a Notion +3 verify and a Stealth +7 verify.
When you fail checks, you lose MP. Ingesting in The Tavern, SW sq., will totally refill them.
Head North and you’ll have a Charisma +3 verify, this time you get the choice to get a drink with Leilana, or kiss her.
Head West to get one other Stealth +7 verify & the Contract is accomplished.
This can acquire you the Fedora (R).
Particular Render: Spy Duo, requires Stealth 7, Charisma 3, Notion 3.

SPOILER: Contract 3: The Supply Boy
Contract 3: The Supply Boy

You probably have excessive sufficient stats, this mission may be very fast.
The opening dialog with the Nuns presents 2x stat checks, Intelligence +4 & Charisma +5, if you happen to go them each, you merely go West to the Market, Work together, gather the Supply Package deal then return to the Church to finish the contract and obtain Particular Render: I’m A Hero.

To achieve the Holy Pants, it’s essential fail one of many stat checks.
While you fail it you’ll need to go to the Market, gather the Flag, go to the NW nook & plant the flag. Select “Screw this” after which return to the Church.
This can grant you a scene and the Holy Pants (Epic).
Then you possibly can Work together, gather the cross from the Nun, return to the Market & gather the Supply Package deal, then return to the Church.

SPOILER: Contract 4: The Bonanzo Assembly (Night)
Contract 4: The Bonanzo Assembly (Night)

Go West, Charisma verify.
Go North, Agility verify. Discover. Particular Render: Spy Trio right here.
Return South, then West.
Go all the best way North, Stealth verify right here.
Mission ends.

SPOILER: Contract 5: The Painter
Contract 5: The Painter

This one go instantly North, then East to the Painter’s studio. Work together. Ask concerning the previous man & the younger girl.
Then go far West, to The Tavern.
Work together, select “DeLuca family”, then “Take care what you say.”
You want Risk to be minimal zero to go the stat verify right here.
Purchase the spherical $20.
End the dialog, this may also add MP, if you happen to want them.
Go North, to the sq. with one both aspect. Right here you might have a Notion verify.
While you go, you turn out to be conscious of one thing to the East.
Go West to gather Particular Render: I See By means of You. (The place you’re wolf whistled by an previous woman.)
Return East, Work together, “Look Around”. Notion verify, then Stealth verify right here.
Full the dialog, don’t “Steal the painting.”
Go West, then North. Work together. Select “Confession is good for the soul”. Charisma verify right here.
Go North, to Cemetery. Work together. Information verify right here. Additionally Notion verify right here, for Particular Render: Cute Gracie.

SPOILER: Cute Gracie Unlock
Return to the place you met the woman. Select “Confront the girl”.
Return to Painter’s studio. Work together.
This offers True Ending and awards the Bulletproof Vest (Uncommon).

SPOILER: Particular Contract: Rescue the Murderer
Particular Contract: Rescue the Murderer

To achieve Particular Render: Chibi Isabel, from the Entrance go North, then East, then South.
Requires Notion +6 & Energy +4.
Additionally awards 2 x Vitality Tablets + £1000.

Then journey South, to the furthest level, there are a few fights alongside the best way, select Struggle for every.
While you get to the underside room you meet Siobhan, The Scorpion Princess. She’s the woman we had the picture of within the previews.
She offers us the Ombra Sigil, which suggests no extra fight.
The sq. N, E, from her awards:
Ombra Pants: Virtually all the best way to the South, then East (the room with rotten meals and different trash).
From there go all the best way North.
Ombra Shirt: Virtually on the finish of the mission, furthest room to the North, Bathe room.
Then the room to the East ends the mission.

n.b. Decrease tier variations of some rewards can be found, such because the Fedora.
Stat checks proven listed below are aiming for the very best variations, however decrease ones can be found.

Improper Hyperlink (For Completely different Platform)
Outdated Hyperlink (New Model Obtainable)
Malicious Hyperlink (Results in suspicious Hyperlink)
Different Challenge
Damaged Hyperlink (No Download File)

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