Upgrade from Unite 4 to Unite 5 Worth?

Are you considering an upgrade to Unite 5 but unsure if it’s the right move? While Unite 5 promises exciting new features and improvements, upgrading from Unite 4 is still confusing for a large audience. But need not to worry; we are here to guide you through. Whether or not upgrading from Unite 4 to Unite 5 is worth it, we will discuss it in detail.

Join us as we break down all the learning of Unite 4 and Unite 5 for you in simple terms. You can finally make an informed decision as we explore the features, key benefits, and potential drawbacks. No matter if you are or aren’t a tech enthusiast, this guide will help you optimize your workflow.

What is Unite 4?


Developed by BZG Inc., Unite 4 is a versatile software application. Unite 4 allows users to turn websites into deeply customizable apps on their Mac devices. The primary purpose of using Unite 4 is to bridge the gap for Mac users between the modern web and their native macOS applications. This versatile tool enhances convenience and accessibility for the users.

Developing Unite 4 was to streamline the workflow and offer an efficient way to interact with online content. BZG Inc. allows users to integrate websites seamlessly into their Mac environment. With that, it offers an organized and dedicated space for web applications.

In short, Unite 4 is a practical solution for Mac users who want to optimize their digital experience. This easy-to-access software platform/ tool is there to manage your favorite websites.

Even more interestingly, Unite 4 may turn a website into a standalone desktop application by using a lightweight WebKit-based browser as its backend. It is also simple to use; all you need to do is provide the URL and a name, and it will create the application for you. The software will also create an icon for the new app that matches others on your Mac rather than having an obvious Favicon pull, another notable benefit users will get.

Features of Unite 4

Unite 4 is a versatile application by BZG Inc. With the role of simplifying your experience of turning websites into stand-alone apps, it is there to help.

Unite 4 offers a range of features to enhance your web browsing and productivity. Here are all of its important features you need to know about:

  1. Webpage Conversion: Unite 4 allows you to transform any website into a stand-alone application that behaves like a native app. Users can access their favorite websites without opening multiple browser tabs.
  2. Isolation Mode: Unite 4 has a unique Isolation Mode feature. It ensures each web app runs independently, without interfering with others. The Isolation Mode typically prevents data leakage amongst different apps, thus enhancing security.
  3. Customization: With Unite 4, users can customize their web apps. The platform allows the selection of unique icons and custom names for each app. Users can even apply their own CSS styles to the web apps and add a personalized touch.
  4. Notifications: The application enables desktop notifications for your web apps. Users will receive important updates, messages, or alerts from your web apps directly on your computer. These features also improve the multitasking capabilities of the user.
  5. WebRTC Support: Unite 4 offers WebRTC support, allowing users to use apps like Zoom or Google Meet seamlessly, like any other native application. This is also crucial for web-based video conferencing.
  6. Menu Bar Access: Unite 4 provides easy access to your web apps through the macOS menu bar. This feature lets the user launch and manage web apps without opening any web browser in no time.
  7. Offline Access: This feature allows users to access a few web apps offline, even without an internet connection. Such offline capability ensures users can use your web apps when connectivity is limited.
  8. Automatic Updates: Unite 4 also handles updates for your web apps. It automatically takes care of each update and ensures you have the latest version. And the best part is all of this happens without any manual intervention.
  9. Auto Refresh: Unite 4 introduces a native auto-refresh feature that periodically updates the websites in your app.

Pricing: Price Starts at $24.99

Device Compatibility: Unite 4 requires macOS 10.14 or later

Quick Look on Unite 5


After Unite 4, we have Unite 5 with the latest features from BZG Inc. This release marks a prominent milestone in web customization and usability. Unite 5, at its core, offers a fully redesigned Unite browser (as appears from the announcement and preview). It is ready to set the stage for a personalized and immersive web journey.

This newest version of the well-known Unite app, Unite 5, includes game-changing innovations that expand the usability of your Mac while building on its lightweight WebKit-powered browser backend.

In a nutshell, Unite 5 offers a variety of new modes that enable you to use web applications in a way that has never been possible before. Besides turning websites into stand-alone apps, Unite 5 also features various advanced features. Unlike the older version, it is here to offer unprecedented control over web interaction.

Unite 5 redefines how we engage with the web on a Mac, not merely by giving us a more powerful browser or more app features.

Here’s a quick overlook over the set of features and specifications you can expect with Unite 5:

  1. Simplified App Creation: Unite 5 is a streamlined tool. It makes the app customizing process a breeze for app settings, icons, and appearance. Users can also see a live preview before finalizing the chances.
  2. Multi-Tab Functionality: Unite 5 allows app support on multiple tabs. With this, users can manage various websites or services within a single, isolated application. The best part is that switching between different apps or browser windows will become a task of the past.
  3. Curated Suggestions: The new Suggestion Library categorizes popular Unite use cases like social media, storage, messaging, and more. It optimizes apps like ChatGPT and Discord for specific services. This feature makes it effortless to turn such apps into stand-alone Unite apps.
  4. App Library: With Unite 5, for the first time, the App Library centralizes the management of all your Unite apps. With this feature, it streamlines the organization of all your web apps. This is just the same as managing native apps on Mac.
  5. Instant Search: The new Unite 5 allows finding apps quickly from the suggestion library or personal collection of users. This fast-tracks the process of switching between existing apps and adding new ones. It integrates Unite into your Mac workflow seamlessly.
  6. Unite Browser 5: This redesigned browser promises enhanced stability and performance.
  7. Enhanced Notifications: Now, notifications will be more reliable and support macOS Focus modes. This feature lets users choose which notifications they want to receive based on their current activity.
  8. Sidebar Mode for Multitasking: Designed for multitasking professionals, this feature allows users to keep tabs on multiple sites or services without switching apps or windows.
  9. Redesigned Toolbar: With this adaptive toolbar, users can have a clutter-free workspace for a focused browsing experience. The toolbar appears only when needed.
  10. Intuitive Settings: The settings page in United 5 is redesigned for simplicity. Each setting has clear labels and explanations that add to a personalized experience without complexity.
  11. Title Bar Personalization: Gain control over your Unite app’s window title bar and display/ hide macOS window control buttons.
  12. Improved Password Manager: With enhanced encryption and an intuitive interface, users can securely safeguard their credentials.
  13. In-App Defaults Control: Modify app settings, including names, default URLs, and icons, directly from within the app.
  14. Change Your Default Search Engine: Easily switch your default search engine within Unite 5, with the freedom to search the web your way.
  15. Link Forwarding: Link Forwarding replaces intelligent whitelisting and thus offers granular control to set custom rules for any URL.
  16. Menu Bar Apps: Menu bar apps now match regular Unite apps in features, providing reliability and convenience.
  17. Super Shortcuts: Customize shortcuts for easy rebinds and app mode switching.

Pricing: The price will start at $29.99 (single device license), and there are different levels of licenses available as well.

Note: Unite 4 users can upgrade to Unite 5 at a special price of $19.99.

Device Compatibility: Requires macOS 10.12 or later.

Do you need to Upgrade from Unite 4 to Unite 5?

Whether you need to upgrade from Unite 4 to Unite 5 depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user.

Unite 5 offers a more user-friendly interface, making creating and managing Unite apps easier. Upgrading can be beneficial for users who value a streamlined experience. Unite 5 introduces multi-tab support, allowing users to manage multiple websites or services in a single application. If you are keen on workflow efficiency and multitasking, upgrading can be your option.

Unite 5 has a range of features that will make it a smart choice to upgrade. Especially for users who are looking for an improved, customizable, and automated experience, it is better to upgrade.

However, make sure you fulfill all considerations for upgrading. Firstly, ensure that any existing Unite 4 apps you rely on are compatible with Unite 5. Check out the features/settings that may require adjustment as you transition from Unite 4 to Unite 5.

Also, evaluate if the new features align with your needs or not. Remember, Unite 5 is meant for a more intuitive experience, but if you are already accustomed to Unite 4, this transition will be a learning curve for you.

For users who are primarily using Unite 4 for basic web apps (primarily), upgrading to Unite 5 may not be essential. Some users may experience stability concerns initially, like with any other software update.


Overall, while upgrading to Unite 5 from Unite 4 seems promising, we suggest you wait for early adopters’ feedback. And if you are fully satisfied with the Unite 4 setup, you can wait and upgrade later.

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