What Are Different Palazzo Pants for Women As Per Body Types

 All women have different body shapes and sizes, but they do not find the best apparel that suits them well and makes them feel relaxed. And when we discuss palazzo pants, there is a huge variety available, and women tend to select any of them without even understanding what will match them the best. Therefore, it is very essential to find out the body type and specify your palazzos respectively. 

What Are Different Palazzo Pants for Women As Per Body Types?

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What Are Palazzo Pants? 

Palazzo pants are a kind of trousers which are very comfortable. They spread out from your knees to your legs. They are somewhat high-waisted and develop an arousing outline, opposite to the popular assumption that they look blunt. They were initially seen in the 1960s and are now offered in different variants to follow the current trends. From travel to formal trousers, palazzos come in various shapes and sizes.  

Which Fabric is Good for Palazzos? 

Flowy, breezy fabrics such as cotton and linen are considered the best for casual palazzos. Apart from that, silk, jersey, and crepe fabrics are perfect for festive and formal events. 

How to Choose the Best Palazzo Pants?

Here is a brief guide that will help you select an ideal palazzo according to your body type. Read on: 

1. Palazzo for Apple-Shaped Body

Expansive torso or body area, wide shoulder with a complete bust – you are an apple body shape. If you style palazzo pants properly, they will consort you to make you appear slimmer and angular. As the middle part of your body is huge and thus brings in cramped attention there, your aim is to leave a false impression that it is upright with a straight palazzo.   

The perfect palazzo will make you look slim and long. Since you have a board body from the middle, choose the straight palazzo. The consistent effect will look awesome on your body. Mix it with a loose-fit Kurti. Also, when we consider the fabric, choosing silk or cotton is a must. Monochromatic shades will match you well. Selecting kurtis that are somewhat loose in shape offers you a perk. Soft materials like cotton and silk with a V-neck definitely work in your favour. Make sure to select light and plain designs. 

2. Palazzo Pants for Pear-Shaped Body  

Pear shape describes women with heavy thighs, wavy hips and brimming rears. When selecting the best palazzo for yourself, choose a breezy garment that can help you in hiding your thighs. For a pear-shaped body, chiffon and georgette material will be effective for you and select your kurti with a straight or zig-zag pattern. It will catch the attention of your bottom region. 

It is certainly the best body shape when you have attractive hips, wider thighs and good rear posture. Even when you feel apprised of your heavy areas, the palazzo is bottom wear made only for you. For its flowy aspect, it conceals your curvy areas. Selecting the palazzo, which fits properly at the waist and from the thigh area, widens out. Georgette and chiffon are the materials that give your body shadowy effects, which is the best thing you wish to have. With solid and dark-coloured palazzo, the cloth for upper wear may be zigzag or striped kurtis or tops for women

3. Palazzo for Athletic Body 

Athletic body shape is the best to describe a slim or skinny woman with an in-line frame. Select a fitted palazzo all over the hips and a medium broad flare when moving down. You can match it with a kurti, a spaghetti top or a shirt. If you are into the sports, fitness or athletics field, your body shape will essentially be of a straight or in-line formation with a skinny body. A nice-looking shirt of any shade will go ideally with a formal occasion. Or you can combine it with a spaghetti top when you are partying with your friends or going out for a casual event. 

4. Palazzo for Hourglass-shaped Body 

At any time you wish to style anything for, do not overlook flaunting your ensemble without any care. You simply need to describe your style with your contentment. If you have an hourglass figure, choose the best fabric that offers a good fall and exclusivity. A well-matched style from the waist will assist you in showing your curves. If you have this gracious figure, you can completely chill out. Wear any comfortable palazzo that goes with your preference and get admired by the people. The only thing to search out is waist fitting because it shows your curves. Mix it up with any kurtis or tops, and you are all done. 

5. Palazzo Pants for Short Height 

If you have a small height, then do not choose comprehensive styles because they will appear too much on you. Select lightweight materials and narrow flared palazzo to appear fashionable. Whenever you are selecting palazzo pants, style your heels or wedges with the same. It will help you get an ideal fall. 

6. Palazzo for Women with a Height 

If you are a tall woman and not getting the perfect palazzo for yourself, then you should be going in the wrong way. You have a wide-legged body shape that is the best in all senses. You can select your palazzo with a broad flare and match it with the medium-length kurti. It will harmonise your appearance and make your height appear normal. 


We would like to say that palazzo pants are some of the highest versatile bottom wear we have adored with. It is beyond belief how these pants go very well with both conventional and Western clothes. Definitely, you can also get an Indo-western appearance by only wearing a crop top or halter neck top with palazzos. Being cosy in your attire is significant to look awesome, and palazzos are the best. So, pick your idea from this post and find all the ways to wear palazzos at Glamly. Selecting the proper palazzo for yourself will be helpful for you to look impactful in every sense. So choose wisely. 

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