Yuna: Reborn [] [Horn]

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Download Update Patch

First of all you should have a latest core version of the game. Both public and patreon versions are pined inside channels below. Then you should download every patch below core version and install it in order. To install any patch given:

  1. Open the game folder in one window
  2. In second window open the patch archive/folder (you should see at least “Yuna” folder and “README” file)
  3. Select all the folders(and files) from patch archive/folder
  4. Drag them to the game folder and release on blank space (as shown on screenshots)
  5. Replace all files if it asks
If you using total commander or something similar: After completing step 1 and 2 (image.png) Select patch content and press F5 and press Enter Replace all files (edited)
  1. Also by using any file manager you can also:

    1. Select all patch content ( “Yuna” folder for example)
    2. Press combination of keys ctrl+C
    3. Open folder with the game
    4. Press combination of keys ctrl+V
    5. Replace all files

    If for some reasons you don’t have a mouse but still wanna launch the game:

    1. Open the File Explorer by pressing key combination Win+E
    2. Then by pressing TAB key few times, using ARROWS and pressing ENTER navigate to the patch folder
    3. You can select multiple folders/files by holding ctrl+shift and pressing ARROWS
    4. Press ctrl+C to copy
    5. Then again press Win+E once more and navigate to the game folder by using TAB, ARROWS and ENTER
    6. Once you will enter the game folder press ctrl+V
    7. Replace all files

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