Zyquan Mitchell Car Accident: What Happened To Famous Kody? How Did Lil Kody Die?

Zyquan Mitchell quickly rose to great popularity among a large number of individuals because of his strong social media presence. He was from Atlanta and gained a large following by singing and miming songs in various locations.

What happened to Zyquan Mitchell?

Famous Kody uploaded a series of photos with his young daughter Kahlani Dior Mitchell, who was born earlier this year, just prior to the car accident. ‘My little princess… Daddy loves you,’ he captioned the images.

Lil Kody was put into a coma by physicians and attached to a machine to help him breathe following a horrific car crash, according to JuiciNicole, a user of TikTok who appears to be a friend of Kody’s, who published the information in July 2023.

When this occurred, users on Reddit expressed their desire for Famous Kody to recover quickly. Social media platforms were filled with wishes for his speedy recovery, and his fans kept on posting and seeking updates on his health throughout the time.

How did Famous Kody die? Cause of Death

The well-known online figure called Lil Kody on TikTok has sadly passed away due to injuries from a car accident that happened last month. Online users admired Famous Kody, a well-known TikToker who was just 21 years old.

Zyquan Mitchell aka Famous Kody’s sister, Zy’Kevia appears to have confirmed the tragic news that the TikTok star had passed away on August 14, 2023. ‘Life will never be the same your smile was always priceless, could brighten up the whole room,’ she added in her post. ‘Zyquan how could you leave me, we were just getting started. Lord, I truly don’t understand. My baby brother (big brother) as you will say. Zyquan I’m going to miss you. Lord why.’ she continued.

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Who was Zyquan Mitchell?

On TikTok, he is known as “Mr.Blicky” and had a sizable fan base with 693.2K followers and more than 8.3 million likes.

Zyquan Mitchell usually featured himself singing and miming songs in various locations in his videos. He was a young 21-year-old guy with a sizeable fan base on his social media platforms, on TikTok roughly 693.2K subscribers, as well as 102K followers on Instagram. Famous Kody also referred to himself as an “Influencer” and a “Brand Ambassador.”

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