Dresses that Women Can Wear with Heeled Cowboy Boots

For an extended period, stylish girls and women were kept far off from cowboy boots, sensibly because they are made for horse riding. After all, that has since alternated, and as the recent style trends stand right away, heeled cowboy boots are the best pair that can be matched by almost any style of attires. They can be styled in different ways to make you look classy and elegant.

If you are considering feminine and beautiful outfits to go with cowboy boots, the key is to get the correct pair of boots. It is essential that you look at the shaft’s height and the toe shape. The most favorable cowboy boots that complement all are the pointed-toe boots. Now, here we have discussed some of the best outfits on what to style with cowboy boots:

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Black dress and heeled cowboy boots

A simple black dress is a must-have thing as it can be donned anywhere and with anything you can consider. These dresses let you experiment with diverse shoes, as well, thus, you can create different styles as per the occasion. 

The finest part is that the cowboy boots can be in any color, as the dress is simply black. You will still be attractive and even exquisite, based on the dress fitting.

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Dresses that Women Can Wear with Heeled Cowboy Boots 2

Skinny jeans and cowboy boots

Good to say many women possess at least one if not various, pairs of skin-fit jeans. Amongst all diverse jeans, this is maybe the most functional pair of pants you may have, seeing jeans go with all from heels to stilettos, boots to sneakers. While talking about the best shoes for skinny jeans, heeled cowboy boots surely are one of the top selections that give you the cool and the best finishing touch.

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Fringed skirt

A skirt is a wardrobe essential that everybody can find in many ways of wearing, specifically because skirts match different tops, baggy or loose, short or long. A fringed skirt is more appealing and gives that cowgirl look. That is why adorning your fringed skirt with heeled cowboy boots makes a big difference. People have been donning this pair for years, and it is still in fashion.

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Shirt Dresses match effectively with cowboy boots. They look appealing and smart to every woman. They are also best for any occasions you get yourself in. For this cowboy boots appearance, you can choose a long dress or a short shirtdress, and you will be good to go.

When you select a simple shirtdress with no prints, you get enough freedom with the heeled cowboy boots, and they also stand out more, specifically if your shirtdress is black or white or if you choose one with denim fabric.

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Midi skirt

You can style your midi skirt with heeled boots. Midi skirts have been in trend, and they are classic, taking into account the length. They include most of your lower body parts and show only a little bit of your legs. They are the best pieces to have in your wardrobe, particularly for more formal occasions, even though they can be dressed down.

To enhance the look, layer more girlish clothing pairs, for example, cardigans and pretty blouses.

Cowboy boots don’t ever have to be longer. You can choose them in an ankle boot style, which is effective for long skirts and dresses.

Jumper dress

If it is cold outside, but you still wish to get the best look with a dress, then a jumper dress can absolutely look great with cowboy boots. Same as a jumper, it is good, cozy, and warm.

A pair of heeled cowboy boots is only what you require to spruce up a jumper dress, as these dresses can be quite on the simpler and plain side and can sometimes appear very common.

Fit and flare dress

Putting on your fit and flare dress with cowboy boots is a classy outfit that lets you have the best out of the world.

Skater dresses are appealing as they hug you all over your waist, which is actually the smallest portion of your body and then flare noticeably at the bottom. They can be sporty, fancy, casual or tasteful.

You can also select a floral dress or different prints of dress as long as the shades of your boots and your dress match.

Shift dress

Apart from being very cozy clothing pieces, they can also be very admiring. They conceal those body parts that you may not specifically be a fan of; for example, they work effectively if you are considering clothes to cover your belly.

In place of pairing your shift dress with heels, sneaker shoes, or stilettos, you can match it with cowboy heel boots. You would have an inflated look that is very adequate because cowboy boots are normally effortless to walk in.

If you are going to wear a halter neck or long-sleeved dress, you may wish to choose mid-calf or ankle-length cowboy boots to let your legs be revealed. It is always best to strike a balance such that when you are completely covered from the top, you reveal some skin at the base and the other way around.

Maxi skirt

Maxi skirts are very nice and flowy that make for your best summer pieces. Many women will choose strappy footwear when styling a maxi dress, but you are not only restricted to them. You could try out-of-the-box things and select a pair of heeled cowboy boots.

It sounds like a cloth that is too much, but when well-accomplished, you will like it. This is an elegant match as they part your body into perfect proportions. If you are petite, this appearance will lengthen your legs and make you look taller.

When you select print for this combination, it is effective to choose a printed piece and go for otherwise plain, alternatively in neutral colors.


If you were hesitant to try out the heeled cowboy boots, this post has definitely given you some inspiration to move ahead and buy yourself a pair. If you do not have any, you must have them because it is time to rock them now. You can shop online from Novo Shoes AU to experience the wide varieties of options on a single website. 

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