Essential things about Randm 9000

Disposable vapes have evolved by offering probability and flexibility similar to regular cigarettes like the RandM 9000 however, they have a vast flavour range that is always available in the disposable vapes that can be added to your vaping experience. This will be considered the best and with the highest disposable vapes with the exotic flavours of the randm 9000.

It is one of the most demanding disposable vapes and we will elaborate on its features, especially for our newbie of the vapour community. Hygiene that is concerned with the smoking of vapes provides you with a healthier and safer solution to satisfy your daily nicotine carvings. Vaping is not to say that it is healthy. But yes, it can protect you from the powerful results of smoking.

Exclusive about the Randm 9000

The Randm 7000 can be the exclusive one for the addition to your kits, as a rechargeable disposable vape and it gives you value for the money with its long-lasting and perfect taste. It is one of the most suitable nicotine salts with a concentration of e-liquid and the c-type USB charging of the port. Moreover, it offers a maximum of 9000 puffs through the draw activation firing of the mechanism, and it doesn’t require to be operated with the buttons and the switches. Furthermore, it has the RGB flashlights as the indicators and you don’t need to refill or replace the mesh coils. It is one of the most proofs with the exotic Randm 9000 flavours that are available in the markets.


    •    No of the puffs up to the 9000

    •    The battery capacity is integrated 850 mAh battery

    •    E-liquid specifications that are up to 12 ml of the pre-filled

    •    The battery type of the c-type with the rechargeable mesh coil

    •    RGB flashlight indicators

    •    Draw activation with the MTL technique

    •    With the unique design and style

    •    A range of the best Randm 9000 with various flavours

Exotic flavours of the Randm 9000 puffs

More getting of long-lasting vaping with a vast range of flavours is less than a blessing for smokers. And Randm 9000 believed in innovativeness with exclusivity. It presents the best understanding of rechargeable disposable vapes. With the type of the various flavours there for you to choose the class. However, the vaping of the flavours in the Randm 9000 enhances the vaping and that gives an overall satisfaction of the tasteful experience that you get. We elaborate on the most desirable flavours that are according to research and market surveys. And there are almost 50 vaping flavours in the Randm 9000, which is very attractive and relaxing to your taste buds.

    •    Ice flavours

    •    Grape flavours

    •    Cherry berries

    •    Candy

    •    Fizzy

    •    Lime

    •    random

Lime flavours

The exotic flavours in the Randm 9000 lime as the key flavour and the lime flavours are always refreshing and are especially when they are vaping in the summer. Lemon and the lime is a potent mixture of the citrus giants and just like a match made in heaven, the mouth-watering flavours give you the taste of the fresh.

Strawberry Lemonade

This is one of the sweet and sour flavours a mix of strawberries with the classic taste of lemonade and it gives you the taste and freshness nostalgic taste. The Randm have exclusive flavours for the users and it offers some unique and intriguing flavours.

Conclusive thoughts

Vaping satisfies your nicotine with strength and gives pleasure to the taste buds, then you can choose from the fire vapes with the exotic flavours of the Randm 9000.       

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